Ax5043 sensitivity for 169MHz

I bougth ADD5043-169-2-GEVK development kit to try communication in 169MHz.
→ 1 module for RX
→ 1 module for TX
→ phy settings: FSK with FEC and 1kbps data rate.
In real tests, RX module can receive data in -95dBm. AX5043 datasheet says that -126dBm is possible for 1 kbps, 868 MHz, FSK. So i think that sensitivity for 169MHz can be lower than -95dBm. Unfortunately there is no information about sensitivity for 169MHz.
My question is, is this sensitivity ok for this Phy settings?
I also attached ax_radiolab_output to review.
AX_Radio_Lab_output.rar (6.4 KB)


Hello ,
1.What the db output are you using on the Tx ?
2 did you test the max distance for 169Mhz in open area ?

Hi, @kadir.sevil,
Of course, I’m supplying a very late answer, but think it may be useful to someone else should they come across the same issue. As per my experience and understanding, the sensitivity should be essentially the same at 169 MHz and at 868 MHz. Well, the noise factor may be somewhat different but within 1 dB or so.
I have used the AX5043 at 150 MHz and can detect with a ~100% probability 20 ms pulses down to -145 dBm. However, my BW was close to 1 kHz, i.e. close to the one you need. On the other hand you’ll need higher S/N ratio, but nevertheless -126 dBm seems to be reasonable for 1 kbit/s, whereas -95 dBm definitely isn’t.