Ax5043 sensitivity for 169MHz

I bougth ADD5043-169-2-GEVK development kit to try communication in 169MHz.
→ 1 module for RX
→ 1 module for TX
→ phy settings: FSK with FEC and 1kbps data rate.
In real tests, RX module can receive data in -95dBm. AX5043 datasheet says that -126dBm is possible for 1 kbps, 868 MHz, FSK. So i think that sensitivity for 169MHz can be lower than -95dBm. Unfortunately there is no information about sensitivity for 169MHz.
My question is, is this sensitivity ok for this Phy settings?
I also attached ax_radiolab_output to review.
AX_Radio_Lab_output.rar (6.4 KB)


Hello ,
1.What the db output are you using on the Tx ?
2 did you test the max distance for 169Mhz in open area ?