AX5043 encoder details (CRC, PN9)

Please help to answer the question of AX5043, thank you.

  1. Has the CRC counted into the packet length?
  2. What is the scope of Manchest (preamble/sync word/length/data/crc)?
  3. Data bit ‘0’ manches is represented as ‘01’ or ‘10’
  4. If the whitening is to use PN9, what is the generator (seed)?
  5. Does the whitening include length and CRC?

Hi Nick,
please check out our AX-Radio Lab User Manual ( ) where I believe you can find a lot of interesting info on the AX5043 framing engine.
Answering to your questions:

  1. No the packet length field does not include SYNC word nor CRC (see section “LEN & MAC” in above manual).
  2. If selected, Manchester encoding is applied to the whole packet transmitted into the air.
  3. Manchester transmits a “one bit” as 10 and a “zero bit” as 01,
  4. You can check the companion functions for PN9 sequence generation in the “Documentation\APIs\LibMF.pdf” manual that you can download at Software: AX8052F143 . From our code you can see that the seed used for PN9TX/RX is 0x1ff.
  5. Yes.