All Sub-GHz end of life?

As far as I can see, all sub1GHz products are end of life. Dear onsemi, please give me back the money for the newly purchased tool kits!

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Well, ONSEMI, AX5045 was announced May 2021. What happens about Year and a half later? What do You means about those designers, who created successfull project based on that IC?



There is product change notification document Product Discontinuance of onsemi Quantenna Connectivity Solutions (QCS) products to inform our customers of our intent to exit this small portion of our overall portfolio so that you may plan appropriately and effectively for replacement devices.

Last time buy date: 30 Dec 2022
Last ship date: 30 Mar 2023

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Oh my…
We have just done designs based on the AX5043, everything starts to work, we are seeing some great distances, and BAM! You discontinue it :frowning:
We selected the AX5043 in the first place because it was not too old, had some very nice specs and actually worked in real life…
Note to self: That was the last time on-semi is designed into one of our products.

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Note for me too: no more onsemi if single source

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