Adding many Customs Services in RSL10 BLE


I’m developing a BLE application on the RSL10. I’m using with 3.4.2 SDK version.

In my application I want to have two custom services + generic ones.

To do that, I created two functions like below, based from peripheral_server_sleep example :

void CustomService_ServiceAdd(void)
    struct gattm_add_svc_req *req = KE_MSG_ALLOC_DYN(GATTM_ADD_SVC_REQ,
                                                     TASK_GATTM, TASK_APP,
                                                     CS_IDX_NB * sizeof(struct

    uint8_t i;
    const uint8_t svc_uuid[ATT_UUID_128_LEN] = CS_SVC_UUID;

    const struct gattm_att_desc att[CS_IDX_NB] =
        /* Attribute Index  = Attribute properties: UUID,
         *                                          Permissions,
         *                                          Max size,
         *                                          Extra permissions */

        /* TX Characteristic */
                                                            PERM(RD, ENABLE) | PERM(NTF, ENABLE),

        /* RX Characteristic */
                                                            PERM(RD, ENABLE)
                                                            | PERM(WRITE_REQ, ENABLE) | PERM(WRITE_COMMAND, ENABLE),

    /* Fill the add custom service message */
    req->svc_desc.start_hdl = 0;
    req->svc_desc.task_id = TASK_APP;
    req->svc_desc.perm = PERM(SVC_UUID_LEN, UUID_128);
    req->svc_desc.nb_att = CS_IDX_NB;

    memcpy(&req->svc_desc.uuid[0], &svc_uuid[0], ATT_UUID_128_LEN);

    for (i = 0; i < CS_IDX_NB; i++)
        memcpy(&req->svc_desc.atts[i], &att[i], sizeof(struct gattm_att_desc));

    /* Send the message */

Then, to Read and Write data of each Custom service, I defined functions based on the event needed. For example, to read data, I do that:

  • DEFINE_MESSAGE_HANDLER(GATTC_READ_REQ_IND, Service0_ReadReqInd) : to read data from service 0

  • DEFINE_MESSAGE_HANDLER(GATTC_READ_REQ_IND, Service1_ReadReqInd): to read data from service 1

My custom services are added as expected because I can see them with a BLE client. But when reading the attribute of the custom service 0, I get the one from the custom service 1. There is a conflict and I know why, given that the event is the same (GATTC_READ_REQ_IND) for both services.

I wonder in this case; how can we do to distinguish between event operations?

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It would be best for you to implement Custom Service functionality similar to what is done in our new BLE Abstraction samples.

The new Abstraction will keep track of Start_Handle and End_Handle variables for each Characteristics in the Custom Services.

Then, when a Write or Read Request is received, both Custom Service Handlers will be triggered, but you can then compare the Handle being Written/Read and only reply from the Custom Service that contains the Handle you are trying to interact with.

For a detailed implementation, you can look into the ‘ ble_gatt.c ’ & ‘ ble_gatt.c ’ abstraction files to observe how they manage the multiple Custom Services.

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Thank you Rastislav for your answer.

That mean that using the same way as peripheral_server_sleep_ext example is not a good idea ?
In this example BLE abstraction is not used in this case.

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You can refer to samples starting with BLE_... prefix. Those use BLE Abstraction.

You can still use the peripheral_server_sleep_ext especially considering it is the only sample that implements specific this functionality, but you will need to add the multiple Custom Service support as outlined in required steps above.

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