Adding CRC header on .fota file

Can we implement CRC on .fota file?
If yes, where do we verify the CRC of the image?
I understand that .fota file has digital signature support. I would want to know if CRC check is possible in the similar manner.

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No CRC is generated by the current toolset.

Validation of the image is performed during the Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) update process. The RSL10 Firmware Over-The-Air User’s Guide page 18 ( Chapter 5.5.2 FOTA Image Checking with the DFU Component) states that the Digital Firmware Update (DFU) component:

Checks the received signature against the calculated image hash and the public part of the signing key; if the key is incorrect, the process aborts with error code IMAGE_DNL_BAD_SIG and the downloaded image is not marked as valid.

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