Access 48MHz/32,768kHz oscillator with DIO pads


I’m relatively new to RSL10 and just wonder if anyone can advise if it’s possible to output 48MHz & 32.768kHz oscillator to DIO pads for testing purpose? If yes, please kindly share how I could do it with existing sample application (if any)?

Thank for advice.

Hi @OS_com,

Both of these functionalities can be achieved by applying the proper functional configurations to any of the DIO Hardware Registers.

Please make reference to Table 19, in Section 10.2 of our RSL10 Hardware Reference for all of the available functional configurations.

You can select between any of the following configurations and the corresponding clock will be output through the DIO pad:

  1. DIO_MODE_USRCLK - User Clock Output
  2. DIO_MODE_SLOWCLK - Slow Clock Output
  3. DIO_MODE_SYSCLK - System Clock Output
  4. DIO_MODE_RFCLK - RF Clock Output
  5. DIO_MODE_RCCLK - RC Clock Output
  6. DIO_MODE_STANDBYCLK - Standby Clock Output
  7. DIO_MODE_AUDIOCLK - Audio Clock Output
  8. DIO_MODE_AUDIOSLOWCLK - Audio Slow Clock Output
  9. DIO_MODE_JTCK_DIV - Divided JTAG Clock Output
  10. DIO_MODE_EXTCLK_DIV - Divided External Clock Output

Please let us know if you need any more assistance, and thank you for using our Community Forum.