About the Sub-GHz category

Sub-GHz RF is all about long distance RF communication for minimal power consumption!

ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of highly flexible software defined radios for the ultimate in optimization options for the most efficient long distance communication links possible. Our radio solutions can support from 27 MHz up to 1050 MHz.

The radios are available as a stand-alone transceiver, a SoC based on either 8052 or ARM cores, or a System in Package micro-RF module.

We offer a feature rich proprietary software stack with rapid prototyping and evaluation capabilities with a wide variety of development platforms.

In addition to proprietary, ON Semiconductor also offers a full line of Sigfox products. Sigfox is the ultimate for low cost long distance standards based IoT. For more information about Sigfox please visit: https://www.sigfox.com.

Discuss your Sub-GHz needs here, we are all in this together!