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Power Module Solutions

Power modules are important building blocks in power conversion and motor control applications having power ratings of 100 W to 100 kW. Solar and UPS systems use power modules to boost the voltage from the solar panels and batteries to a suitable DC voltage. This voltage drives an output inverter stage, which generates the required AC voltage. Three-level inverter topologies - such as I-type neutral-point clamped inverters (NPC), T-type neutral-point clamped inverters (TNPC), and split T-type neutral-point clamped inverters - are used to reduce system size and cost, as they allow the use of smaller and cheaper output inductors and capacitors. Motor control systems in industrial and automotive applications use modules with integrated three-phase inverters.

Efficient Power Integrated Modules and Intelligent Power Module Solutions

How can an Intelligent Power Module (IPM) be used in an automotive application?

Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

Intelligent Power Modules contain power switches and gate drivers in one module. In addition to the popular three-phase inverter modules, ON Semiconductor offers 2-in-1 PFC modules which combine the PFC driver stage with a three-phase inverter. IPMs using 600 V IGBTs are used in consumer and industrial applications for driving fans, pumps, and compressors. IPMs using 40 V and 80 V MOSFETs are increasingly used in automotive applications to drive electric fans and pumps.

Introducing Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Family from ON Semiconductor

Intelligent Power Module Block Diagram

Motor Drive Block Diagram

DIPS3 Package
SIP1 Package
SIP1A Package
SIP3 Package
DIP4 Package

PIM end product image

Power Integrated Modules

Power Integrated Modules contain power switches and rectifiers only, and are offered in various topologies. Common topologies include three-phase inverter stages with input bridge rectification and brakes, boost converters, and multi-level inverters. PIMs using IGBTs are often known as IGBT modules.

MOSFET Modules

MOSFET Modules contain MOSFETs and shunt resistors in a single module. Common topologies include three-phase inverters, three-phase inverters with a reverse battery protection MOSFET, and three-phase inverters with a bi-directional switch. 40 V and 80 V MOSFET modules are used in automotive applications for driving electric fans and pumps.

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