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Battery-Free Sensing

Smart Passive SensorTM Devices for Temperature, Moisture, Fluid Level, and Proximity

The information collected and communicated by smart sensors is vital to enabling new business models, gaining efficiency, and saving costs, in the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) space.

Smart Passive Sensor (SPS) devices from ON Semiconductor are wireless and battery-free sensing tags. They enable the monitoring of parameters such as temperature, Fluid Level Monitoring, moisture, and proximity at the network edge, where running wires or replacing batteries may be impractical. When interrogated by an RF reader, the SPS tag ‘harvests’ energy from the measuring signal, and this is all that is required to give a rapid and highly accurate reading from the sensor. This maintenance-free and cost-effective solution has significant benefits and offers the potential to revolutionize low-power IoT sensing designs. By simply plugging in the solution kit, users can immediately measure, aggregate, and analyze the data for various IoT applications.


Learn more about our Smart Passive Sensor (SPS) devices here.

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