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Wide Bandgap Solutions

ON Semiconductor offers a complete Wide Bandgap portfolio of SiC & GaN discretes, modules, and drivers.

Wide Band Gap

Bei ON Semiconductor erhalten Sie ein komplettes Portfolio an Wide Band Gap-Halbleitern in Form von diskreten Bausteinen, Modulen und Treibern in SiC- und GaN-Technologie.

Auxiliary Power

ON Semiconductor offers a wide portfolio of PoL devices and linear regulators to meet a wide range of voltage and current requirements, including a growing 48 V compatible family.

Core Power

The microprocessor and GPU brains which crunch the data of our lives are difficult, dynamic loads. Mulitphase power supplies provide the efficiency across load and fast response for computing in a range of applications.

Hot Swap

The ability to hot swap memory, drives, or other peripherals is a key functionality of server, computing, and telecom hardware. ON Semiconductor’s load switch and eFuse portfolios provide an easy, compact, and efficient solution with the hot swap controller and MOSFET integrated into one device.

Gate Driver Solutions

Every switch needs a gate driver. Gate Driver Products are the interface between control signals (from a digital or analog controller) and power switches (IGBTs, MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN HEMTs). Their additional functions can include level shifting, isolation, fault sensing and signal conditioning. We offer a broad selection tailored for a variety of power switches, topologies and applications. ON Semiconductor’s diverse portfolio of gate drivers contains the right solution for a range of systems including Automotive, Industrial, Cloud and Telecom applications.

Gate Driver Products

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Configuration 20-36V 100-300V 600-700V 900V 1200V
Single Channel Low-side
Dual Channel Low-side
High-side and Low-side
4 Channel Full-bridge
6 Channel Three-phase

Gate Driver Categories

Opto Isolated

Design Resources - Evaluation Boards

Gate Driver Plug and Play >

SECO−GDBB−EVB is a baseboard conceived for use as a plug and play environment for testing various types of gate drivers. The board enables to feed the drivers with the same control signal under same conditions and compare their capabilities. It is set up to accommodate up to six driver boards (daughter boards) designed to test gate drivers functions and features (all driver boards are pin compatible with baseboard).

Main PCB Structure

Daughter Mini Board Structure

Gate Driver Category by Isolation

Non-Isolated > Junction Isolated > Galvanic Isolated >
  • Single or Multiple Channel
  • Cheapest, simple solution for many
    applications where only a low-side driver
    is needed

  • Normally needed in very high power/high voltage
    systems and Single Phase
  • Three options: Optical, Inductive, Capacitive

Gate Driver Isolation Options

Single Isolated

Galvanic isolation is provided in the gate drive PWM logic signal from the controller using a part such an optocoupler or digital isolator. Then the isolated PWM signal is fed to the gate driver to turn on and off the switch.


  • Not commonly used
  • Layout can be complex due to extra IC's
  • Decoupling Caps extra cost
  • GND noise Common Mode choke could be required
  • APPS-Low to Med Power; Afterthought Isolation need it if long cables are used
Junction Isolation

A junction isolated gate driver does not provide true galvanic isolation. A semiconductor junction in the driver allows a floating well to rise and fall with the switch node, and therefore be able to control the high side gate.


  • Low cost
  • Easy layout
  • Need to select Boost Diode and Cap with care for speed/ratio noise
  • Possible Cap needed for cross-coupling reduction due to NO galvanic Isolation
  • APPS-DC-DC; PFC; Small-Med Motor drivers; Consumer Appliances; Med Power UPS<3KW
Galvanic Isolation

Galvanic isolation allows power or signal transfer between two electrical circuits without a shared current flow (circuits separately grounded). This can increase the reliability and safety of power systems and protects sensitive circuits from transients.

Inductive / Coreless transformer

  • The magnetic field coupling between inductors carries the signal across the isolation boundary.

Capacitive Isolation

  • The electric field between parallel plates (capacitor) carries the signal across the isolation boundary.


  • Photons from an LED are detected by a photdiode to transmit the signal across the isolate boundary.


  • IC is complex; all Intergrated
  • Full protection features
  • Higher cost/Highest safety
  • Ease of Layout, no extra components
  • APPS-High Power AC/BLDC Motors; Industrial SMPS; Solar Inverters; High Power UPS>3KW

Server Rack Power

The size, density and sheer number of datacenters is rapidly growing, which is driving increasing need for efficiency. The largest operational cost for data centers is electricity. Improving the power conversion efficiency at every stage in the power distribution architecture is a critical factor to reduce cost. Emerging applications, such as artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine connectivity and cloud computing, are driving the need for higher rack power density, in addition to the challenge of adapting to a 48 V backplane.

Gate Driver Solutions

Every switch needs a gate driver. Gate Driver Products are the interface between control signals (from a digital or analog controller) and power switches (IGBTs, MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN HEMTs).

Power Conversion & Motor Control videos
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Robotic Hand Control Demo with the Motor Driver Solutions Kit
A 3D Printed Robotic Hand is shown here being controlled by the LV8548MC from the Motor Driver Solution Kit from ON Semiconductor. We can perform human tasks such as picking up a ball or pointing a finger.
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