SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK: Full SiC 25kW DC EV charger platform

SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK is a reference design kit for 25kW fast DC EV charger based on SiC power integrated module. This full silicon carbide solution consists of PFC and DC-DC stages featuring multiple 1200V, 10m? half-bridge SiC modules (NXH010P120MNF1), the ultralow RDS(ON) and minimized parasitic inductance can significantly reduce conduction loss and switching loss. Relying on the powerful UCB, the system can deliver maximum 25kW over 200V-1000V output voltage with 96% all-time efficiency to charge 400V or 800V EV batteries.

SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK also highlights the galvanic-isolated high-current driver NCD57000, auxiliary power solution SECO-HVDCDC1362-40W-GEVB to power stable voltage rails to low-voltage components, integrated protections like inrush control, over voltage protection and multiple interfaces for communication.

Read the whole reference design series below (Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger Part 1- 8) to learn the detailed considerations and challenges onsemi has met during the design process.

Features and Applications


  • Vin=400Vac (EU)/480Vac (US), Vout=200Vdc-1000Vdc
  • Max output power=25kW, efficiency>96%
  • 3-Phase PFC and DAB enables bidirectional power conversion for 400V/800V battery
  • Multiple protecting functions and communication interfaces
  • Following EN55011 Class A & IEC 61851
  • Compatible with the Universal Controller Board (UCB) FPGA/ARM
  • NXH010P120MNF1 - SiC Module, half bridge, 1200V, 10mohm SiC M1 MOSFET
  • NCD57000 - Isolated high current and high efficiency gate driver


  • High-efficiency EV charger
  • 3-Ph AC-DC conversion
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used
Full SiC 25kW DC EV charger platform NCD57000DWR2G NCD98011XMXTAG
NCID9211 NCS20034DR2G
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Designing Silicon Carbide (SiC) based DC Fast Charging System | Session 1: 6-Pack Boost Active Front End (AFE) Design
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