NCV76124EVK: NCV76124 Evaluation Kit

The Evaluation kit is intended for use with the NCV76124 Rain and Light Interface chip. The kit provides 5 Light measurement channels and 2 Rain measurement channels. The Light channels are equipped with Photodiodes that mimic the different functions in the car for light measurement. The Rain channels contain two Infra Red LED's and two dedicated IR Photodiodes coupled with light guides. An ON-control piggy back micro controller board is controlling the NCV76124 chip and performs the functions for the watchdog operation.

The Evaluation kit is operated through a windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is connected via a USB cable to the ON-control microcontroller of the evaluation board. The ON controller handles the translation from USB to the NCV76124 SPI format. With the GUI, the NCV76124 can be controlled for its full functionality.

Features and Applications


  • PC GUI Operation Via USB
  • Based on the NCV76124 Rain and Light Interface Chip
  • 5 Light Sensitive Photodiodes
  • 2 IR Rain LEDs and Photodiodes for Rain Simulated Measurements
  • Jumpers for Open and Short Test


  • Demonstration of the NCV76124 Performance
  • Evaluation Platform Assisting Software
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
NCV76124EVK Active
NCV76124 Evaluation Kit NCV76124MW0R2G
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