NOIP1SN025KA-GDI-A-GEVK: PYTHON 25K Evaluation Kit (Monochrome)

The NOIP1SN025KA-GDI-A-GEVK evaluation kit enables evaluation of the monochrome version of the PYTHON 25K CMOS Image Sensor, a 26.2 MP (5120 x 5120 pixel) 10-bit CMOS image sensor in APS-H optical format, supporting up to 80 frame per second readout at full resolution.

This kit includes required hardware components to perform a full evaluation of this device, including the monochrome image sensor, the image sensor headboard, Gen 3 FPGA evaluation board, and accessories. Sensor Studio II software (available below) is also required for operation of the evaluation kit, and includes operating manuals and timing information as part of the help system in that software. Note that the appropriate lens must be supplied by the user.

This kit is compatible with other 355-Pin PYTHON image sensors (PYTHON 25K color and enhanced NIR, plus PYTHON 10K, 12K, and 16K) by purchasing the appropriate sensor. In addition, it can be used with other members of the PYTHON image sensor family by adding the appropriate imaging headboard:


Please see the Product Brief (available below) for a full list of evaluation requirements, including computer and power specifications.
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
PYTHON 25K Evaluation Kit (Monochrome) NOIP1FN010KA-GDI NOIP1SE010KA-GDI
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: Manual PYTHON Family Sensor Evaluation Kit Quick Start Guide EVBUM2258/D - 124 KB  5 
Eval Board: Manual PYTHON Image Sensor Evaluation Kits EVBUM2294/D - 266 KB  6 
Software Sensor Studio II Software 64-bit (Zip Format) - 97861 KB Locked  6.14.9 
Eval Board: Schematic G3 FPGA Evaluation Board Schematic G3FPGA_SCHEMATIC.pdf - 527 KB  1 
Eval Board: Schematic NOIP-355PIN-HEAD-BD-A-GEVB Headboard Schematic NOIP-355PIN-HEAD-BD-A-GEVB_HEADBOARD_SCHEMATIC - 886 KB  0 
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