NCP2811AFCT1GEVB:  Dual Audio Power Evaluation Board

NCP2811 is a dual audio power amplifier designed for portable communication device applications such as mobile phones. This board showcases the A version of this part in the 12-Pin Flip-Chip package. This part is capable of delivering 27 mW of continuous average power into a 16 Ω load from a 2.7 V power supply with a THD+N of 1%.
Based on the power supply delivered to the device, an internal power management block generates a symmetrical positive and negative voltage. Thus, the internal amplifiers provide outputs referenced to Ground. In this True Ground configuration, the two external heavy coupling capacitors can be removed. It offers significant space and cost savings compared to a typical stereo application.
Features and Applications


  • Pop and Click Noise Protection Circuitry.
  • Ultra Low Current Shutdown Mode
  • 2.7 V-5.0 V Operation
  • Thermal Overload Protection Circuitry
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
Dual Audio Power Evaluation Board NCP2811AFCT1G
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: BOM NCP2811AFCT1GEVB Bill of Materials ROHS Compliant NCP2811AFCT1GEVB_BOM_ROHS.PDF - 152.0 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber NCP2811AFCT1GEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) NCP2811AFCT1GEVB_GERBER.ZIP - 99.0 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic NCP2811AFCT1GEVB Schematic NCP2811AFCT1GEVB_SCHEMATIC.PDF - 231.0 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure NCP2811AFCT1GEVB Test Procedure NCP2811AFCT1GEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE.PDF - 146.0 KB  0 
Video Dual Audio Power Evaluation Boards - NCP2811 Series WVD17609/D   
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Dual Audio Power Evaluation Boards - NCP2811 Series
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