MICROFC-SMA-10020-GEVB: MicroFC-10020-SMT mounted onto a PCB with three SMA connectors (No active electronics).

The MicroFC-SMA is a printed circuit board (PCB) that can facilitate the evaluation of the C-Series SMT sensors. The board has three female SMA connectors for connecting the bias voltage, the standard output from the anode and the fast output signal. The output signals can be connected directly to a 50W-terminated oscilloscope for viewing. The biasing and output signal tracks are laid out in such a way as to preserve the fast timing characteristics of the sensor.
The MicroFC-SMA is recommended for users who require a plug-and-play set-up to quickly evaluate C-Series SMT sensors with optimum timing performance. The board also allows the standard output from the anode to be observed at the same time as the fast output. The outputs can be connected directly to the oscilloscope or measurement device, but external preamplification may be required to boost the signal. The table below lists the SMA board connections. The SMA board electrical schematics are available to download in the SMT Board Reference Design document.

Output Function
Vbias Positive bias input (cathode)
Fout Fast output
Sout Standard ouput (anode)
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
MicroFC-10020-SMT mounted onto a PCB with three SMA connectors (No active electronics). MICROFC-10020-SMT-TR MICROFC-10020-SMT-TR1
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