FUSB307BGEVB: Eval board for FUSB307B

The FUSB307B targets system designers looking to implement up to four USB Type-C port controllers (TCPC) with USB-PD capabilities.
This solution provides integrated Type-C Rev 1.3 detection circuitry enabling manual attach/detach detection. Time critical Power Delivery functionality is handled autonomously, offloading the Processor or Type-C Port Manager (TCPM).
The FUSB307B complies with the USB-PD Interface Specification.
Features and Applications


  • USB-PD Interface Spec Rev 1.0 Ver. 1.2 Compatible
  • USB Type−C Rev 1.3 Compatible
  • Extended Data Messages (Chunked)
  • Fast Role Swap
  • Sink Transmit
  • USB−PD Rev 3.0 Ver. 1.1 Compatible
  • Dual−Role Functionality
    ♦ Manual Type−C Detection
    ♦ Automatic DRP Toggling
  • USB−PD Interface Specification Support
    ♦ Automatic GoodCRC Packet Response
    ♦ Automatic Retries of Sending Packet
    ♦ All SOP* Types Supported
  • VBUS Source and Sink Control
  • Integrated 3 W Capable VCONN to CCx Switch
  • 10-bit VBUS ADC
  • Programmable GPIOs
  • 4 Selectable I2C Addresses
  • Dead Battery Operation
    ♦ Powered from VBUS
    ♦ LDO Output provides power to TCPM
  • Packaging
    ♦ 16-pin WQFN (3.0 × 3.0 mm)
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
Eval board for FUSB307B FUSB307BMPX
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: Manual FUSB307B Type-C Port Controller IC Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2559/D - 1290 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber FUSB307BGEVB Gerber Files (ZIP Format) FUSB307BGEVB_GERBERS - 513 KB  1 
Eval Board: Test Procedure FUSB307BGEVB Test Procedure FUSB307BGEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE - 215 KB  0 
Eval Board: BOM FUSB307BGEVB Bill Of Materials (ROHS Compliant) FUSB307BGEVB_BOM_ROHS - 108 KB  2 
Eval Board: Schematic FUSB307BGEVB Schematic FUSB307BGEVB_SCHEMATIC - 279 KB  2 
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