FUSB251GEVB: Type-C™ CC and SBU Protection IC Evaluation Board

The FUSB251 evaluation board is designed to be inserted between a board that contains a Type-C controller (such as FUSB302B or FUSB307B) and a source of voltage for OVP testing. Test points and header switches are ready to test OVP and moisture detection functions on CC and SBU. LED indicators will show power status and Interrupt. If there isn't access to a Type-C voltage source, test points (GND and VDD) are available on the board for direct power supply connections. The Type-C receptacle can accept a Type-C device such as Type-C charger or memory stick to demonstrate normal USB functionality.
Features and Applications


  • This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
  • Dead battery mode provides default Rd presenting on CC1/2
  • 24volt DC tolerant on CC and SBU
  • +/- 35volt Surge protection on CC and SBU
  • Over voltage protection on CC and SBU
  • I2C interface with Interrupt for event notification.
  • Moisture detection on CC and SBU pins.
  • On-chip IEC ESD protection with external capacitor on CAP pin
  • CC Ron 0.3ohm Typical
  • SBU Ron 3ohm Typical
  • 50Mhz Bandwidth on SBU switch
  • 15 ball WLCSP


  • This product is general usage and suitable for many different applications.
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
FUSB251GEVB Active
Type-C™ CC and SBU Protection IC Evaluation Board FUSB251UCX
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: Manual Type-C CC and SBU Protection IC Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2637/D - 912 KB  0 
Eval Board: BOM FUSB251GEVB Bill of Materials (ROHS Compliant) FUSB251GEVB_BOM_ROHS - 135 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber FUSB251GEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) FUSB251GEVB_GERBER - 423 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic FUSB251GEVB Schematic FUSB251GEVB_SCHEMATIC - 204 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure FUSB251GEVB Test Procedure FUSB251GEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE - 224 KB  0 
Software FUSB251GEVB GUI Layout Files (Zip Format) FUSB251_GUI - 7996 KB  1 
Software FUSB251GEVB Firmware Layout Files (Zip Format) FUSB251_FIRMWARE - 23 KB  0 
Software FUSB251GEVB Reference Code (Zip Format) FUSB251GEVB_REFERENCE_CODE - 7 KB  1 
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