FEBFSQ500L-H257V1-GEVB: Compact, Green-Mode Controller FSQ500L; 5.1 V / 400 mA Flyback Design

This device combines a current-mode Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with a SenseFET and high-voltage regulator connected from the DRAIN pin to supply the VCC. This device does not need to use bias winding and associated external components.

Using a SOT-223 package, FSQ500L reduces total size and weight while increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. Using FSQ500L, this design example for 2.04 W can be implemented with few external components and minimized cost.
Features and Applications


  • Overload Protection (OLP) and Internal Thermal Shutdown Function (TSD) with Hysteresis
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limit
  • Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) with Hysteresis
  • Soft-Start Time Tuned by External Capacitor
  • Single-Chip 700 V SenseFET Power Switch
  • Auto-Restart Mode
  • Precision Fixed Operating Frequency: 130 kHz
  • Internal Startup Switch
  • No-load consumption 250 mW at 265 VAC with Burst Mode and Down to 60 mW with External Bias
  • No Need for Auxiliary Bias Winding
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
FEBFSQ500L-H257V1-GEVB Active
Compact, Green-Mode Controller FSQ500L; 5.1 V / 400 mA Flyback Design FSQ500L
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: Manual FEBFSQ500L-H257V1-GEVB User Manual FEBFSQ500L_H257V1D.O - 2776 KB  0 
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