FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB: Bi-Directional Logic Gate Optocoupler Provides Proven and Reliable Isolation to the RS485 Interface

The FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB is an industry-first, full-duplex, bi-directional, logic-gate optocoupler with high noise immunity as well as proven and reliable optical isolation. It is highly integrated with two optically coupled channels arranged in a bi-directional configuration illustrated in Figure 1. The FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB is housed in a compact 8-pin small outline package. Each optocoupler channel consists of a high-speed AIGaAs LED driven by a CMOS buffer IC coupled to a CMOS detector IC.

The FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB supports isolated communication between systems of digital signals without conducting ground loops or hazardous voltages. Unlike competitive devices, which provide less than 0.1 mm optical isolation gap, the FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB features a 0.4 mm (minimum) optical isolation gap for proven, reliable isolation. The device also features a fast switching speed, up to 15Mbit/sec, and uses Fairchild’s Optoplanar® packaging technology and optimized IC design to achieve high Common Mode Rejection (CMR) of 20 kV/μs minimum, allowing the device to operate in noisy industrial environments.

Additionally, the FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB offers an extended industrial temperature range of -40°C to +110ºC and a 3.3 V or 5.0 V supply voltage to facilitate logic level translation. The device’s high isolation voltage is certified by UL1577 and DIN_EN/IEC60747-5-2 for increased reliability.
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
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FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB Active
Bi-Directional Logic Gate Optocoupler Provides Proven and Reliable Isolation to the RS485 Interface FOD8012A
Technical Documents
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Eval Board: Manual FEBFOD8012-RS485-GEVB FEBFOD8012_RS485D.O - 599 KB  0 
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