Synchronous Rectification Controller12.5 W (5 V / 2.5 A) Power Supply


The FEBFAN6230AMPX-CH04U12A-GEVB is a controller that improves efficiency in secondary-side Synchronous Rectifier (SR) MOSFETs. An internal shunt regulator with low bias current and an internal charge pump circuit reduce external part counts, total cost, and system power consumption. Adoption of the internal charge pump circuit allows the FAN6230A to work very well under low bias voltage conditions with good Constant Current (CC) regulation without a rectifier diode.

FEBFAN6230AMPX-CH04U12A-GEVB also features adjustable cable compensation for precise constant voltage regulations at the cable end.

Unlike the traditional method of measuring the SR MOSFET drain-to-source voltage to sense the current, which is sensitive to the noise introduced by poor PCB layout, the FEBFAN6230AMPX-CH04U12A-GEVB uses innovative Linear-Prediction Timing Control (LPC) to estimate the SR MOSFET turn-on time without additional current-sensing circuitry.

In Green Mode, the FEBFAN6230AMPX-CH04U12A-GEVB shuts off the SR MOSFETs, which lowers bias current down to 500 µA, so the total power consumption of the system is further reduced.

  • 16-Pin MLP33 Package
  • Ultra-Low Green-Mode Operating Current (0.5 mA, Typical)
  • Ultra Low VDD Operating Voltage for 5 V Output Applications
  • PWM Frequency Tracking Using Secondary-Side Winding Voltage
  • Output Cable Compensation Circuit
  • Green-Mode Improves Light-Load Efficiency and No-Load Power Consumption
  • Integrated Charge Pump Circuit for CC Region
  • Smooth Operation in DCM and CCM
  • Integrated Shunt Regulator
  • Secondary-Side SR Controller for Flyback Converters
  • Advanced Protections
    RES Dropping Protection (Disable Gate Drive)
    Over-Temperature Protection (Auto-Restart)

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Synchronous Rectification Controller12.5 W (5 V / 2.5 A) Power Supply

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