E8300-001-GEVB: Ezairo 8300: High-End Audio DSP for Wireless-Enabled Hearing Aids and Hearables

The Ezairo 8300 Evaluation and Development Board (referred to as the EVB) is designed to be used by engineers and developers with the Ezairo 8300 Software Development Kit (SDK), to evaluate the performance and capabilities of the Ezairo 8300 and to develop, demonstrate and debug applications for this device. The board is designed to ease-of-use, with many configuration options available via standard 0.1 inch header pins.
Features and Applications


  • Access to all debug interfaces o Connectors to connect to external I2C or SWJ-DP debug communications hardware
  • J−link onboard solution that is accessible via the Micro USB port
  • Access to all Ezairo 8300 interfaces via standard 0.1” headers
  • 2 Push Button Switches o 1 dedicated to resetting the device via the NRESET pin o 1 connected to DIO34
  • Test points and GND hooks for easy probing
  • Battery Holder
  • Easily-configurable power supply options
  • 2 prototyping areas
  • Onboard Flash Memory (LE25S161) & DIP socket to add alternate non−volatile memories
  • An eMMC daughtercard for working with the Ezairo 8300’s eMMC interface
  • A second DIO daughtercard for simplified GPIO usage, including LEDs and switches
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
E8300-001-GEVB Active
Ezairo 8300: High-End Audio DSP for Wireless-Enabled Hearing Aids and Hearables E8300-101B78-ABG
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Eval Board: Gerber E8300-001-GEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) E8300-001-GEVB_GERBER - 6600 KB  0 
Design Notes Launching Arm Cortex-M3 Debug Sessions with Ezairo 8300 Evaluation and Development Boards DN05135/D - 327 KB  0 
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