ARRAYC-60035-4P-GEVB: C-Array 6mm 35u 2x2 EVB

The ArrayC-60035-4P-EVB is an evaluation board allowing easy access to the signals of a ArrayC-60035-4P-BGA via pins.

The ArrayC-60035-4P-EVB has the array on the front and pins on the back of the PCB. The pins are compatible with a standard 8-pin DIL socket for evaluation purposes.

Alternatively, the pins can be directly soldered into through-holes in the user?s readout PCB. Four of the pins are connected to the anodes of the individual pixels and the other

four pins are connected to the common cathode. An example mating 8-pin DIL socket is the 110-93-308-41-001000 from Mill-Max.

The EVB PCB is slightly smaller than the actual array, allowing for tiling. The EVB does NOT provide access to the fast output.

Pin: Function:
1 Anode 1
2 Common Cathode
3 Anode 3
4 Common Cathode
5 Common Cathode
6 Anode 4
7 Common Cathode
8 Anode 2
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
ARRAYC-60035-4P-GEVB Active
C-Array 6mm 35u 2x2 EVB ARRAYC-60035-4P-BGA
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