1kW, 16-30V Motor Development board


The STR-16-30V-BLDC-MDK-GEVK is a comprehensive motor development board and a reference design for drive low voltage 3-phase BLDC motors. The power board consists of 6 NTMFS5C604NL MOSFETs for the inverter stage and NCP1034 PWM synchronous buck controller for power conversion. The 3-phase power board is rated for a maximum of 30V DC and consists of all necessary system blocks for a BLDC motor driver. As part of the motor development kit, the power board is compatible with the power Universal controller board enabling high-end control strategies and AI capabilities for industrial motor control. The complete kit is Strata enabled and the graphical user interface can be used to set control parameters for the motor drive.

The STR-16-30V-BLDC-MDK-GEVK comprises of the 1kW, 30V power board, hardware adapter for the UCB, and the Universal controller board (UCB)

For the power board only, visit STR-16-30V-BLDC-MDK-GEVB

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Power Tools
  • Fans, Pumps, and Compressors
  • Low voltage motor applications
  • Power board for Motor Development Kit (MDK)
  • Compatible with the Universal Controller Board (UCB) FPGA/ARM
  • Fully compatible with Xilinx® development tools for Zynq®-7000
  • Strata Enabled
  • Downloadable Trapezoidal control use cases for the UCB
  • VIN: 16V - 30V DC
  • Compatible with three-phase BLDC motors
  • Over current protection (OCP), Over voltage protection (OVP)
  • Plug-in connector interface for MCU cards (Arduino DUE footprint)
  • Sensored Trapezoidal control strategy implemented
  • Strata enabled and available for a quick-start evaluation
  • Xilinx® development tools and environments are available for the MDK, such as Vitis and Vivado to program the FPGA