NCD83591 60V, 3-Phase Gate Driver Demo Board


The demo board supports the evaluation of the 3-Phase Gate Driver, NCD83591. The NCD83591 is an easy to use gate driver optimized for low BOM cost in a 4x4mm QFN28 package.
The wide operating voltage range (60V max) of this device makes it ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Power Tools
  • Light Mobility (E−Bikes, E−scooters, Hoverboards)
  • Industrial Actuators and Cobots
  • Automated Guided Robots
  • Operation from 5 V to 60 V Supply Voltage with Tolerance from 4 Vto 70 V
  • Constant Current Drive of Power FET, Configurable from 5 mA to250 mA (16 Settings by Input Level to VDRV Pin)
  • Internally Generated Gate Drive Supply Voltages
  • Gate Sensing for Cross Conduction Protection and Optimized DeadTime
  • Embedded High GBW General Purpose Amplifier (Intended forCurrent Sensing and Externally Configurable)
  • Embedded Charge Pump Function Allowing DC Static Drive
  • Under Voltage Lock Out on VM, VGL, and VGH−VM
  • 5 V/3.3 V Compatible 6 Input Control Plus Enable
  • Up to 30 kHz Motor PWM with Individual Six Gate Control Mode
  • 4 kV HBM and 1 kV CDM ESD Protection

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NCD83591 60V, 3-Phase Gate Driver Demo Board

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Eval Board: BOM

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Eval Board: BOM

August 03, 2022

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