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Revision Date
AC-DC Active Clamp Flyback Design Tool AC-DC ACF Design Tool (631kB) 1 Jan, 2021
AC-DC Active Clamp Flyback Design Tool_XMCD   AC-DC Active Clamp Flyback Design Tool_XMCD (1381kB) 0 Aug, 2021
EXCEL Spreadsheet for DN05060 OVP Design Calculator (29kB) 0 Apr, 2014
FAN7688 and NCP4390 Loop Gain Transfer Function Calculator FAN7688-and-NCP4390-Loop-Gain-Transfer-Function-Calculator (564kB) 2 Jun, 2021
Flyback Current Mode Loop Compensation Design Worksheet FLYBACK DWS.XLS.ZIP (3516kB) 10 Dec, 2014
Flyback Transformer Design Tool FLYBACK TRANSFORMER DESIGN TOOL (21.0kB) 0
LLC-Resonant-Converter-Design-Tool-for-NCP4390-and-FAN7688   LLC-Resonant-Half-Bridge-Converter-Design-Tool-for-FAN7688 (504kB) 1.6 Aug, 2021
NCL30001 Design Worksheet NCL30001 DWS.XLS (1521.0kB) 0
NCL30002 Design Worksheet NCL30002 DWS.XLS (6064.0kB) 0
NCL3008x Design Worksheet NCL3008X DWS.XLS (57.0kB) 0
NCL3008x Design Worksheet - MathCad NCL3008X DWS.MCD (231.0kB) 0
NCL30125 MatchCad spreadsheet NCL30125 MatchCad spreadsheet (400kB) 0 Dec, 2019
NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (AC input) - MathCad NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet - MathCad (675kB) 0 Jan, 2019
NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (DC input) - MathCad NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (DC input) - MathCad (638kB) 1 Sep, 2020
NCP1252 2-switch forward MathCad worksheet NCP1252_MATHCAD (423.0kB) 0
NCP1339 Design Worksheet - MathCad NCP1339 Design Worksheet - MathCad (373kB) 0 Jul, 2014
NCP1351 Design Worksheet NCP1351 DWS.XLS (80.0kB) 1.3
NCP1360, NCP1361, NCP1365, NCP1366 Design Mathcad worksheet NCP1360 Design Worksheet Mathcad (508kB) 2.1 Apr, 2015
NCP1379, NCP1380 Design Worksheet NCP1379 NCP1380 DWS.XLS (272.0kB) 1
NCP1379, NCP1380 Design Worksheet - MathCad NCP1380 DWS.MCD (1255.0kB) 2
NCP1396 Design Worksheet NCP1396 DWS.XLS (1145.0kB) 5
NCP1399x Design Tool NCP1399x Design Tool (1589kB) 0 Mar, 2020
NCP1910 Design Worksheet NCP1910 DWS.XLS (582.0kB) 0
NCP1937 Design Worksheet NCP1937 DWS.XLS (183.0kB) 0
Resonant-Converters-LLC-Design-Tool-for-FAN7631 Resonant-Converters-LLC-Design-Tool-for-FAN7631 (2592kB) 0
Worksheet, QR Power Supply, Basic QR BASIC DWS.XLS (53.0kB) 2
Worksheet, QR Power Supply, Complex QR COMPLEX DWS.XLS (82.0kB) 2
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