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CS51221: High Power Boost (Power Supply for Audio Class D Amplifier) DN06056/D (662.0kB) 0
CS51221: High Power Boost (Thermal Printer) DN06055/D (325.0kB) 1
CS5171: 200 V Boost Regulator DN05019/D (853kB) 0
CS5171: Tracking boost regulator DN06022/D (60.0kB) 2
High Efficiency, <30mW Standby QR 45W Adapter DN05089 (880kB) 0
High Efficiency, <30mW Standby QR 65W Adapter DN05085 (986kB) 0
High Efficiency, <30mW Standby QR 65W Adapter with Peak Power Capable of 130W DN05086 (1428kB) 1
NCL30001: Input Overvoltage Protection Circuit DN05060/D (539kB) 0
NCL30088: Buck-Boost Converter for 15 W LEDs with improved HV Startup and Low Output Ripple DN05075/D (653kB) 1
NCP1011: Efficient, Low Cost, Low Standby Power (<100 mW), 2.5 W CCCV Charger DN06017/D (62.0kB) 1
NCP1012: 1 W, Dual Output, Off-line Converter DN06002/D (64.0kB) 1
NCP1012: 3.6 W Auxiliary Power Supply for Appliances / White Goods DN06013/D (53.0kB) 0
NCP1014: 10 W, 3-Output Off-line Power Supply DN06005/D (59.0kB) 0
NCP1014: 10 W, Dual Output Power Supply DN06020/D (62.0kB) 1
NCP1014: 5 V, 400 mA Current Boosted Buck Converter DN06052/D (39.0kB) 0
NCP1014: 5 W, CCCV Cell Phone Battery Charger DN06009/D (55.0kB) 1
NCP1014: 8 W Off-Line Non-Isolated Buck Regulator DN06011/D (48.0kB) 1
NCP1014: 8 W, 3-Output Off-Line Switcher DN06003/D (58.0kB) 0
NCP1014: Low Power, Off-Line Buck, CVCC Power Supply DN06037/D (53.0kB) 0
NCP1014: Low Power, Off-Line, Constant Voltage Power Supply DN06066/D (69kB) 1
NCP1014: Universal Input, +/- 12 V Output, 8 Watt Power Supply DN06034/D (51.0kB) 0
NCP1031: Wide Input Range (20 Vdc to 140 Vdc) DC to DC Converter DN06007/D (54.0kB) 0
NCP1050: Extremely Low AC-DC Power Supply Used with GFCI DN05037/D (594.0kB) 0
NCP1055: 7 W, non-isolated buck ac-dc converter DN06028/D (150.0kB) 0
NCP1055: Simple, 3 W, Non-isolated Bias Supply DN06053/D (44.0kB) 0
NCP1060, 12 Vout, 2W Off-line Buck Regulator   DN05080/D (602kB) 2
NCP1063 - Universal AC Input, 12 V/0.35A Output, Non-isolated Power Supply DN05081/D  (562kB) 0
NCP1071, NCP1075, MCP1077: 12 Vout, Off-line Buck Regulator DN05058/D (379kB) 1
NCP1072: 10 W Primary Side Regulation (PSR) DN05036/D (78.0kB) 0
NCP1075: Non-isolated, 8 W Dual Output, Off-line Power Supply DN05038/D (195.0kB) 1
NCP1076/7: Universal Input, 5 V or 12 V Output, up to 24 W Power Supply DN05049/D (323.0kB) 0
NCP1077: 12 Vout, 6 W, Off-line Buck Regulator Using a Tapped Inductor DN05059/D (1137kB) 0
NCP1124 : 10 W Universal Input, 5 V output power supply DN05061/D (598kB) 0
NCP1124, NCP431: Universal AC Input, 5 Volt Output, 10 Watt Power Supply DN05064/D (508kB) 0
NCP1124: Universal AC Input, 5 V Output, 10 W Power Supply DN05054/D (341kB) 2
NCP1129: 12 W, Off-line Buck Regulator DN05053/D (62kB) 0
NCP1129: Universal AC Input, 5 V or 12 V output, 20 W - White Goods/Industrial DN05043/D (153.0kB) 3
NCP1236: 65 W Off-Line Adapter DN06074/D (3250.0kB) 0
NCP1251: 12 V, 30 W, Off-line Mini-Forward Converter DN05029/D (74.0kB) 0
NCP1251: 20 W Flyback with Primary Side Regulation (PSR) DN05033/D (79.0kB) 0
NCP1251: 20 W Output Offline Power Supply DN05012/D (101.0kB) 3
NCP1251: 20 W Output Offline Power Supply Using Synchronous Output Rectification DN05028/D (105.0kB) 0
NCP1251: A 24 Vin, 40 Watt, Low Cost, DC-to-DC Converter DN05032/D (57.0kB) 0
NCP1251: Ultra Wide Input Triple Output 15 W (E-Meter) DN05039/D (392.0kB) 0
NCP1294: Solar Power Maximum Peak Power Tracking (MPPT) Controller DN06054/D (451.0kB) 0
NCP1593: Synchronous Buck Regulator DN05024/D (666.0kB) 0
NCP1615: High Efficiency, <30 mW No-load PFC DN05057/D (700kB) 1
NCP1616: 120 W, High Efficiency, Low Standby PFC Adaptor DN05127 (957kB) 0
NCP1937: High Efficiency, <10 mW Standby PFC + QR Adapter DN05044/D (1238.0kB) 1
NCP3011: 400kHz / 9-18V / 5A PWM Controller with Ceramic Output Capacitors DN06075/D (934.0kB) 0
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