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CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed NCV7357/D (220kB) 0
CAN Transceiver, Dual, High Speed, Low Power NCV7441/D (167.0kB) 0
Dual CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power NCV7446/D (186kB) 2
FlexRay® Transceiver, Clamp 15 NCV7383/D (199kB) 1
Four Channel LIN Transceiver NCV7424/D (132kB) 2
High Speed Low Power CAN, CAN FD Transceiver NCV7344/D (185kB) 4
LIN Transceiver with 3.3 V or 5 V Voltage Regulator NCV7420/D (232kB) 9
LIN Transceiver, Dual NCV7422/D (276kB) 0
LIN Transceiver, Stand-alone NCV7327/D (178kB) 0
Stand-alone LIN Transceiver NCV7329/D (136kB) 0
System Basis Chip with CAN FD, LDO Regulator and HS Driver NCV7450/D (241kB) 1
System Basis Chip with CAN, LIN, HS and LS Drivers NCV7462/D (444kB) 6
System Basis Chip with Integrated LIN and Voltage Regulator NCV7428/D (233kB) 7
System Basis Chip with LIN, LS and HS Switches NCV7429/D (607kB) 0
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