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45 V, 15 mA +- 20%, 460 mW package, Constant Current Regulator, SOD-123 NSI45015W/D (153kB) 2
Constant Current LED Driver with 32 Dimming Levels and Rset CAT4004A/D (165.0kB) 2
Constant Current Regulator and LED Driver NSI45020/D (153kB) 6
Constant Current Regulator and LED Driver for A/C Off-line Applications NSIC2050JB/D (153kB) 1
Constant Current Regulator and LED Driver, 45 V, 25 mA � 10%, 460 mW package, SOD-123 NSI45025A/D (156kB) 5
LED Driver, 16-Channel, Constant Current CAT4016/D (119kB) 6
LED Driver, 8-Channel, Constant Current CAT4008/D (89kB) 3
LED Driver, Constant Current Programmable, with 32 Dimming Levels CAT4003B/D (178.0kB) 2
LED Driver, Constant Current Regulator, 50 V, 10 mA +- 30%, 460 mW Package NSI50010Y/D (155kB) 2
Low Current LED Driver NUD4011/D (133.0kB) 3
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