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2 MHz Non-Synchronous SEPIC/Boost Controller NCV898031/D (217kB) 15
400 mA Low-Drop Voltage Regulator NCV4276/D (176.0kB) 24
450 mA LDO Linear Voltage Regulator with Reset and Delay NCV4275/D (149.0kB) 16
AOT Step Down Converter, Configurable 5.0 A NCV6356/D (2276kB) 0
Automotive Grade Non-Synchronous Boost Controller NCV8873/D (217kB) 10
Automotive Grade Non-Synchronous Buck Controller NCV8853/D (97kB) 5
Buck Controller, Non-Synchronous, Automotive Grade NCV8852/D (100kB) 8
Dual High Side Switch with Adjustable Constant Current and Diagnostic Features NCV47823/D (127kB) 0
Dual High Side Switch with Adjustable Current Limit and Diagnostic Features NCV47822/D (149kB) 0
High Side Switch with Adjustable Current Limit and Diagnostic Features NCV47722/D (173kB) 1
LDO Linear Voltage Regulator with Enable, Delay and Reset, 350 mA NCV8772C/D (522kB) 0
LDO Regulator - Adjustable Dual, Adjustable Current Limit 3.3 V to 20 V NCV47411/D (181kB) 1
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits 250 mA NCV8163/D (1024kB) 3
Linear Voltage Regulator LDO, Ultra Low Noise, High PSRR 200 mA NCV8570B/D (621kB) 3
Linear Voltage Regulator, LDO, 450 mA, with Reset NCV4275A/D (120kB) 4
Low Dropout Regulator Adjustable Current Limit 5 V to 20 V NCV47701/D (180kB) 3
MOSFET — Power, Single N-Channel, μ8FL 30 V, 7.4 mΩ, 47 A NVTFS4C10N/D (136kB) 3
MOSFET - Power, Single P-Channel -60 V, -14 A, 52 mOhms NVTFS5116PL/D (132kB) 3
Power MOSFET 60 V, 22 A, 39 mOhm, Single N-Channel NVD5867NL/D (71kB) 4
Power MOSFET, 30 V, 30 A, 10.5 mΩ, Single N-Channel NVTFS4823N/D (115.0kB) 2
Step Down Converter - AOT, Configurable 5.0 A NCV6357/D (2322kB) 4
Synchronous Regulator Automotive, Step‐Down, 100% Duty Cycle 0.6 A, 2 MHz NCV890430/D (658kB) 1
Voltage Regulator - 2% and 4% 400 mA NCV4274/D (148kB) 16
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