We are committed to serving the needs of communities through the investment of resources

We appreciate your interest in onsemi Foundation's philanthropic goals and objectives. Twice yearly, The onsemi Foundation issues grants to eligible organizations in the communities in which we operate. Please see below details on our giving priorities, eligibility criteria and information on how to apply.

Our Giving Priorities

Disaster Relief

Human Services



STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Education

Eligibility Criteria

The onsemi Foundation donates to educational institutions and charitable organizations in the communities in which we operate. The foundation directs charitable giving to organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The organization must be an educational institution or have tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code, or the equivalent status as per local, provincial, state or federal laws outside of the U.S.
  • Canada-based organizations must be registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or an educational institution.
  • International (Europe or Asia) based organizations must, at a minimum, be a nonprofit or educational institution recognized by laws of the country and not designated as an organization that funds terrorist activities or on an ‘exclusion’ list in the countries where onsemi has operations.
  • The organization must conduct its operations in communities with onsemi presence.
  • The organization must align with The onsemi Foundation's giving priorities. (see above)
  • The organization must follow local, state and national laws and regulations.
  • The organization must align with onsemi's core values of respect, integrity and initiative.
  • The organization must align with onsemi's anti-discrimination declaration in our human rights policy.

The onsemi Foundation does not generally support the following types of organizations:

  • Faith-based organizations (must complete questionnaire to determine eligibility).
  • Organizations that are political in nature (advocacy, lobbying endorsing candidates for political office).
  • Organizations that are fraternal or a labor union.
  • Organizations that are trade or business-related.
  • Organizations that are athletic in nature.
  • Parent Teacher Associations (or similar activity in Europe/Asia).
  • Boy or girl scouting organizations involving family members.
  • Animal welfare organizations.

Organizations may not re-submit a grant application for the same program more than once every twelve months.

Learn more about our Code of Business Conduct.

Grant Cycle

The Foundation is currently redesigning the structure of how it funds projects globally. Because of this overhaul, the fall 2021 grant cycle has been cancelled and thus the application link below is not functional at this time. We hope to unveil new guidelines in January 2022 so check back soon for more details.

January 15 – April 15 (Approved grant funds are dispersed June 28)
June 15 – September 15 (Approved grant funds are dispersed December 28)

ATTENTION ORGANIZATIONS: Prior to completing a grant application, please ensure that you are registered in the Benevity causes portal. By doing so you'll be connecting your cause to corporate giving, granting and volunteering programs that can make a huge difference to your funding. Click here to check if you are already registered. If you can't find your organization in the search, contact causes@benevity.org or review more details here. Please note that your registration to be on the Benevity causes portal will take time to process and will be required before you can apply for funding.

Also, signing up for EFT payments will be required for any organizations located outside of the U.S. and Canada. For any additional questions, please contact: foundation@onsemi.com.