Semiconductor Components Group Announces New Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS(tm) Power MOSFET Literature Kit


Phoenix, Arizona - August 2, 1999 - Motorola's Semiconduct Components Group (SCG) today announced the availability of a Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS(tm) Power MOSFET Kit which contains information about SCG's extensive line of TMOS Power MOSFETs necessary for designers to select the right MOSFET for their applications.

SCG's broad portfolio of high performance low voltage surface mount MOSFETs satisfies a growing market demand for high efficiency MOSFETs for portable and wireless applications. Designed using Motorola's high-cell-density HDTMOS' planar process, these low voltage surface mount MOSFETs offer ultra low Rds(on) performance which in turn extend battery life in portable and wireless communication products.

Included in the Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS MOSFET Kit are the following:

* Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS Power MOSFETs Literature Kit Product Bulletin - highlights the features and benefits of the kit

* Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS Power MOSFET Selector Guide - provides device specifications for SCG's portfolio of Low Voltage Surface Mount MOSFETs

* TMOS Power MOSFET Cross Reference - identifies SCG nearest and/or similar replacement for industry standard parts

* Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS Power MOSFET Literature Pack - contains full device data sheets for selected devices

* SCG Application Notes Guide - provides guidance to the effective use of SCG's Analog, Discrete and Logic products across a broad range of practical applications

* Thermal Modeling and Management of Discrete Surface Mount Packages - features a collection of technical papers, intended to provide insight into the latest methods of thermal measurement and modeling of discrete surface mount packages.

* Power MOSFET CD-ROM - features a databook on a disk and is equipped with advanced search capabilities

* Low Voltage surface Mount TMOS Power MOSFETs CD-ROM - contains Adobe Acrobat(tm) PDF files of all the printed material included in the Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS MOSFET Kit

Copies of the Low Voltage Surface Mount TMOS Power MOSFET kit can be obtained, at no cost, by simply requesting KITLVTMOS/D via any of the methods listed below. p>By mail:
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