ON Semiconductor to Present its Latest Solutions for Power Supply and Motor Applications at at

TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013 –Tokyo Big Sight, TOKYO, Japan – July 12, 2013 –


The company will introduce and demonstrate a wide range of energy efficient products for automobiles, LED lighting, white goods, industrial products and portable devices

TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013 –Tokyo Big Sight, TOKYO, Japan – July 12, 2013 – ON Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: ONNN), driving innovation in energy efficiency, will present its latest semiconductor solutions for power and motor applications at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013, from July 17-19 being held at Tokyo Big Sight.

A team of experienced engineering experts from ON Semiconductor and the company's SANYO Semiconductor division will be available to demonstrate products that play key roles in various power supply and motor applications.

"ON Semiconductor leads the industry by delivering innovative technology that significantly improve power factor, efficiency in active state, and power consumption in standby state for a wide range of products including automotive subsystems, white goods, industrial products, smartphones, tablet computers and lighting devices,” said Akihiro Sato, general manager, Field Application Engineering Department of SANYO Semicon Device Co. (ON Semiconductor’s sales company in Japan). ”We are committed to the continued development of a wide variety of targeted solutions.”

Among the many products and solutions to be demonstrated and discussed at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013 are the following:

The STK984-09 is a 3-phase BLDC motor driver hybrid integrated circuit (HIC) that features a pre-driver and power MOSFET. It incorporates shunt register, thermistor, and various protective functions against over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage, featuring low-voltage operation. Optimized for use in automotive radiators, blower fans, and water pumps, this device makes the design of BLDC motor drive circuit easy and reduces the PCB area.

LED Lighting
The NCL30083 is a dimmable quasi-resonant primary side sensing current-mode controller (no photocoupler needed). The device features wide Vcc range, precise LED constant current regulation ±1%(typ), user programmable thermal fold−back, 0.9 power factor with passive valley fill, analog and digital dimming control, built-in protection functions, and latched and auto−recoverable versions.

The LV5012MD is an AC/DC buck (step-down) constant current controller IC with built-in high-voltage MOSFET for startup. It includes a bleeder circuit for triac dimming to ensure proper operating of triac. A passive PFC circuit ensures high power factor by drawing current directly from the AC line. Additional features include two-stage thermal shutdown.

Additionally, for LED signboard lighting, there will be demonstrations utilizing the:
- NCL30051 PFC/half-bridge resonant combo controller and the NCL30105 flexible dimmable buck LED driver controller
- NCP1605 high efficiency and high-voltage PFC controller
- CAT4016 16 channel constant current LED driver
- NCP5230 synchronous buck controller
- NCP1397 high performance resonant mode controller with high-voltage drivers solution-based demonstrations using products such as touch switches and haptics drivers

The LV52204MU is a single channel high-voltage and high efficiency LED backlight boost driver IC for smartphone applications. The device operates from input voltages of 2.7 volts (V) to 5.5 V, provides for output voltage of 40 V, and controls 10 LEDs. It is housed in UDFN6 (0.5 mm pitch, 2 mm x 2 mm) package, making it pin compatible with popular products on the market, and can replace them easily.

White Goods and Industrial
The NCP4304B is a high-efficiency secondary side synchronous rectification driver IC with zero current detection capability up to 200 V. It features operating voltage range up to 30 V, adjustable minimum on time and off time, disable input, optional ultrafast trigger input, 5 amperes (A) / 2.5 A peak current (sink/source) drive capability. This device is suitable for notebook PC adapters and power supply for servers.

The LC898300XA is a linear vibration motor driver IC for a vibrator and haptics. It can adjust the drive frequency to the resonance frequency of the linear vibration motor automatically to drive the motor. And it is possible to achieve stable vibration and significantly improve the brake performance. At the exposition, ON Semiconductor will introduce proposal-based demonstrations for the solutions combined with the LC717A00AR capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch switches which enable shorter set design time.

Please visit ON Semiconductor at Booth 1E-210.

Members of the media are encouraged to contact ON Semiconductor to schedule an interview at the company’s booth. Please contact Katsuya Ito@onsemi.com.

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