ON Semiconductor Introduces ECLinPS MAX™ Clock and Data Management ICs with Industry-Leading Jitter Performance


New family of devices makes design of clock distribution systems in OC-48 applications simpler and more scalable

SUPERCOMM – Chicago, IL – June 21, 2004 – The global leader in high-speed differential signaling, ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) today released three ECLinPS MAX™ devices – the first members of a new family of Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) devices targeted at OC-48 grade applications such as routers, switches, and 3G base stations where jitter management is a particularly critical issue in overall system performance. The ECLinPS MAX™ devices offer 200 femtoseconds (fs) typical jitter performance and are targeted specifically at clock distribution functions, a major source of signal distortion in these types of high speed communications systems.

"Every high-speed serial link designer struggles to meet a total jitter budget,” said Dr. Howard Johnson (www.sigcon.com) noted author of High-Speed Digital Design: a Handbook of Black Magic and High-Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic, a Signal Integrity columnist for EDN, and a technical workshops instructor for digital engineers at Oxford University. “Anything that provides more margin in that budget helps. Low-jitter clock distribution definitely relieves pressure on the jitter budget - making the rest of the design that much easier.”

The ECLinPS MAX™ family of devices offer a highly flexible means to route clock and data signals through ultra precise system designs and across backplanes, functioning as translators, receiver/drivers and clock distribution products. The outstanding jitter performance of the devices allows designers to;

• Increase the depth of their clock trees while staying well within jitter budgets;
• Minimize the possibility of incorrect data latching;
• Increase likelihood of maintaining lock on clock sources;
• Improve the speed of obtaining lock after a field board swap.

The ECLinPS MAX™ Devices
The NB6L11 1:2 Differential Fan-out Buffer is ideal for applications requiring very fast AC performance and features 160 picoseconds (ps) propagation delay (typ.) and supports input clock frequencies greater than 6 GHz and maximum input data rates of greater than 6 Gb/s (typ.). Typical RMS jitter for this device is 200 fs.

The NB6L16 1:1 Differential Fan-out Buffer offers similar input clock and data range specs and has an input propagation delay spec of 135 ps. With output transition times of 70 ps it is ideally suited for interfacing with high-frequency and low voltage (2.5 V) sources. Typical RMS jitter for this device is 200 fs.

The NB6L239 Differential Clock Divider is an advanced clock distribution IC with dual divider outputs, allowing for two separate clock signals to be distributed from a single reference input. The first division bank offers divide by 1, 2, 4, and 8 ratios while the second provides divide by 2, 4, 8, and 16 ratios. This allows an external 622 megahertz (MHz) reference to be used to generate 38.8 MHz to 622 MHz outputs.

Additionally, the NB6L16 and NB6L11 are pin-for-pin upgradeable from their predecessor ECLinPS Plus™ versions.

Increasingly, networking and server designers are forced to make trade-offs between excellent jitter performance and affordability in their choice of ECL devices. The new ECLinPS MAX™ family of products delivers AC performance – specifically outstanding jitter and skew that is closer to ON Semiconductor’s industry leading, highest performance silicon germanium-based GigaComm™ devices, but at a price-point much closer to the company’s standard bipolar ECLinPS Plus™ family. As an added benefit to designers with limited power budgets, the new devices consume up to 50 percent less power than the company’s highest performing devices.

Packaging and Price
The NB6L11 and NB6L16 are packaged in the 8-pin, SOIC package and priced at $3.55 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. The NB6L239 is available in a 16-pin QFN that measures 3 mm x 3 mm and priced at $4.60 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

For additional technical information visit www.onsemi.com/communications.

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