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Phoenix, AZ - May 30, 2000 - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a leading provider of analog IC solutions for wireless, communications, automotive and networking and computing applications, has added the MC33275 and MC33375 low dropout voltage regulators to its already expansive power management portfolio. These new LDOs offers designers voltage and current capabilities necessary for applications that require low loss voltage conversion. They are ideal for battery powered computer, consumer and industrial equipment where an extension of battery life is desirable.

The MC33275 and MC33375 LDO regulators are medium current LDO regulators that provide fixed outputs of 2.5, 3.0, 3.3 and 5.0 volts from a maximum input of up to 13 volts and do not require large output capacitors to achieve stability of the output voltage. The devices feature a very low typical quiescent current of 125 5A and are capable of supplying output currents of up to 300mA. This very low input-to-output voltage differential coupled with the low quiescent current enable designers to use these devices in designs where the battery usage needs to be maximized. Also contained internally onboard the MC33275 and MC33275 is circuitry to provide over-current and overheating protection. Additionally, the MC33375 is equipped with an enable feature that permits added energy savings in the end product by allowing the designer the option to turn off portions of the circuitry when idle.

Both the MC33275 and MC33375 LDO regulators are packaged in compact SOT-223 and SOP-8 packages, with the MC33275 device also offered in a DPAK. These space saving packages combined with the medium current output, low dropout voltages and enable feature in the MC33375, make these devices an attractive option for system designers. They also satisfy the requirements of the growing market trend for devices with higher output currents and increasing efficiencies in smaller packages.

"The low input-to-output voltage differential and bias current specifications enable both the MC33275 and MC33375 LDO regulators to be easily designed into a wide variety of applications including battery powered portable applications where designers are looking for cost-effective ways to extend battery life in their designs," said Ralph Quinsey, general manager of ON Semiconductor's Analog Integrated Circuit Division. " Very low dropout voltage of 260mV at 300mA, low quiescent current of 125 5A, internal protection circuitry, the enable feature on the MC33375 and the miniature surface mount packages are all compelling reasons for designers to select these devices for their designs."

Samples and production quantities for the MC33275 and MC33375 LDO regulators are currently available. Suggested pricing for these devices ranges from $0.60 for 10K units. Additional technical information on this LDO series can be located at mc33275-375

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