ON Semiconductor&#153 Expands CMOS Single-Gate Logic Portfolio


Phoenix, AZ - April 20, 2000 - ON Semiconductor today announced the addition of four new open drain devices to its very broad portfolio of single-gate CMOS logic products serving the Very High Speed CMOS (VHC) and Advanced High Speed CMOS (AHC) performance range. The new open drain one-gate devices, referred to as MC74VHC1G01, MC74VHC1G03, MC74VHC1G09 and MC74VHC1G135, make ON Semiconductor's product offering the industry's widest array of one-gate devices.

In January, 2000, ON Semiconductor introduced the first phase of one-gate products representing the most popular logic functions which included AND, NAND, OR, and NOR gates, buffers, and several Schmitt Trigger functions, with standard CMOS and TTL-compatible input versions. In March, ON Semiconductor also introduced the MC74VHC1G66 and 1GT66 one-gate analog switch products. The devices are all derived from ON Semiconductor's existing line of multi-gate 74VHCXXX logic family which utilizes an advanced very high-speed CMOS technology (VHC). They are compatible with both the industry standard VHC and AHC families and are ideally suited for performing traditional logic functions in high-density applications where physical space is limited and signal routing is a challenge.

Designers can wire outputs of ON Semiconductor's open drain one-gate products together to perform a "free" WIRE-OR function. No additional parts are required to achieve the WIRE-OR function, permitting complex "combinational" logic to be created at no additional cost requiring no additional PC board space. The open drain output can also drive an LED from an unregulated power supply, reducing voltage regulator requirements and improving performance. These open drain devices may also be used to match any two logic levels, without a reduction in speed.

"With the addition of these new devices to its' portfolio, ON Semiconductor offers its customers the largest portfolio of open drain one-gate products in the industry," commented William Schromm, director of operations, Standard Logic Business at ON Semiconductor.

The MC74VHC1G01, MC74VHC1G03, MC74VHC1G09 and MC74VHC1G135 are housed in the tiny industry standard SOT-353 (SC-88A/SC70) 5-lead package, approximately 3% of the size of a 20-lead SOIC package. This compact package can fit almost anywhere, enabling designers to locate the devices exactly where they are needed. Improved circuit board routing and reduced noise, ground bounce, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are only a few of the additional benefits derived by using one-gate functions.

The small size of the package makes these single-gate logic products popular in high-density applications ranging from cell phones, camcorders, cameras and disk drives to specific automotive applications. They are also ideal as "quick fixes" in designs where a single logic function is required to correct logic errors. Other popular applications include signal buffering, switching, or isolation in telecom / networking-transmission gates, display and glue logic applications in general.

Samples and production quantities of these four open drain devices are currently available. A listing of the part numbers can be located at One-Gate Products. Manufacturers suggested retail pricing for the One-Gate products is $0.13 for quantities of up to 3K. Pricing for other functions is suggested at a range of $0.20 to $0.24 for quantities of up to 3K.

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