ON Semiconductor Delivers Comprehensive Power Solution to Meet AdvancedTCA™ Global Standard for Telecom Equipment


Complete solution-set includes 10 devices ranging from integrated hot swap protection and fast ORing diode, to efficient power converters and MOSFETs

SUPERCOMM – Chicago, IL – June 21, 2004 – A leading global supplier of power ICs, data management devices and standard components, ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) today introduced a comprehensive power solution comprised of 10 different devices that specifically meet the emerging Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA™) set down by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG™).

The market for AdvancedTCA-based equipment is expected to exceed $15 billion in the next 5 years, according to Eric Mantion, senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR – the foremost authority for market forecasts of semiconductor and advanced communications equipment and services – as system designers seek to standardize non-proprietary subsystems or components in their systems (e.g. power subsystems, memory boards).

AdvancedTCA specifications provide a standards-based architecture for these subsystems in next generation carrier-grade communications equipment. The goal is to provide equipment users maximum “up time” and to minimize cost-of-operation. System issues such as redundancy (no single-point-of-failure), hot swap and delivery of multiple point-of-load voltages in a single, size-constrained system environment create new power conversion and delivery challenges for AdvancedTCA system designers.

ON Semiconductor’s power solution chipset addresses all of these key issues. It includes:

• High performance ORing diodes – the industry’s fastest – to enable ultra-fast switchover to redundant power supplies with greater efficiency than existing approaches;

• Hot swap ICs that deliver maximum protection against board failure when servicing online systems;

• A broad selection of DC-DC converters which enable designers to meet the evolving range of supply voltage needs of leading edge DSP, communications and processing building blocks.

Overall, the chip set provides superior functionality, saves board space with highly-integrated devices, and conserves overall system costs.

“The AdvancedTCA standard is being rapidly adopted by all of the leading carrier-grade equipment manufacturers,” said Eric Glatfelter, Communications Segment marketing manager at ON Semiconductor. “We therefore believe the time is right for introducing subsystem solutions to the growing community of AdvancedTCA designers. By bringing to bear our expertise in power management on the challenges posed by the standard, we are allowing system designers to focus their creative energies on the proprietary aspects of their designs.”


The NIS5101 SMART HotPlug™ is a patented, highly integrated hot swap protection IC designed to enable the safe insertion and removal of electronic equipment to -48 volt (V) backplanes. This IC offers an adjustable current limit with no external power shunt required, features undervoltage and overvoltage lockouts and includes an integrated power MOSFET switch. A unique temperature-sensing capability makes this the most robust hot swap IC available. The NIS5101 is available in a SPAK package and priced at $2.10 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. Coupled with the NUD3048 FET Switch, these devices control the -48 V to 12 V isolated bus converter. The NUD3048 is offered in a TSOP6 package and priced at $0.13 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The patented NIS6111 ORing Diode and NIS6201 Floating Charge Pump efficiently enable ORing of the two -48 V inputs. These devices deliver the function of a diode with the low forward voltage drop of a power MOSFET, enable ultra high-speed switching and allow the use of external MOSFETs for increased current handling capability. This implementation of the ORing function has significantly lower power losses than alternate solutions. The NIS6111 is offered in a PLLP package and priced at $2.39 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. The NIS6201 is offered in a SO8 package and priced at $0.39 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The NCP1561 Push-Pull/Half-Bridge Controller is a highly integrated device that incorporates all features required for high-density dc-dc conversion from the 48 V rail. It has a high voltage start-up circuit that minimizes external components. In addition, it includes a suite of protection features such as undervoltage shutdown, current limiting and soft-start. The NCP1561 is offered in a SOIC16 package and priced at $1.08 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The NCP5331 Two-Phase Buck Controller is ideally suited for generating low voltage, high current output. The enhanced V2 control methodology, internal gate drivers, adjustable switching frequency of up to 600 kilohertz (kHz) and 0.8 percent precision reference are a few of the features that help designers simplify overall design solutions without compromising performance. The NCP5331 is offered in a LQFP32 package and priced at $1.75 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The NCP5425 Dual Synchronous Buck Controller is a highly flexible device with internal gate drivers that can provide two independent outputs or one high current output. This feature-rich controller offers adjustable switching frequency up to 750 kHz and a +1 percent 0.8 V reference. The NCP5425 is offered in a TSSOP20 package and priced at $1.08 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

The NTD60N02R, NTD30N02 and NTD85N02R MOSFETS offer high power efficiency and low RDS(on). These devices are offered in industry-standard DPAK packages and priced between $0.23 and $0.32 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

For more information about ON Semiconductor’s communications device offerings visit www.onsemi.com/communications .

About PICMG™
Founded in 1994 as the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, PICMG is a consortium of over 400 companies that collaboratively develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications. The members of the consortium have a long history of developing leading edge products for these industries. For more information on AdvancedTCA™ - or to view a short form version of the PICMG 3.0 specification - visit https://www.advancedtca.org .

About ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) offers an extensive portfolio of power- and data-management semiconductors and standard semiconductor components that address the design needs of today’s sophisticated electronic products, appliances and automobiles. For more information visit ON Semiconductor’s web site at https://www.onsemi.com .

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