New Multi-Output LDO Regulator From Semiconductor Components Group Is Complete Power Management Control For Portable Communication Devices


Phoenix, Arizona - August 2, 1999 -- Portable battery powered communication systems can now be designed smaller, lighter and quieter thanks to a new highly integrated multi-output, ultra-low noise, low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator introduced by Motorola's Semiconductor Components Group today. The unit comes packaged in a 32-pin miniature package.

This new regulator is a comprehensive power management solution designed specifically for applications such as TDMA and GSM phones where the transmitter is continuously switched ON and OFF. It can also be used in other wireless cellular phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), telephone handsets and two-way radios.

The MC33283 offers up to 7 LDO regulators and a regulated step-up charge pump converter in one miniature package. All of the internal regulators supply voltage to all elements of the end product and can be independently switched ON and OFF. By having up to 7 independent regulators in one package, extra components can be eliminated in designs that require more than one regulator. This allows the voltage distribution of the entire product to be managed within one device thereby reducing the number of interconnecting printed circuit board PCB tracks used and significantly minimizes the potential problem of stray inductances. Consequently, the size of the PCB is also decreased.

"We realize that each portable communication system has its own unique architecture," comments Scott Delaney, Director of Marketing for Semiconductor Components Group. "What the development of the MC33283 demonstrates is Motorola's capability and eagerness to collaborate with customers to design application specific voltage regulators of various integration schemes".

Onboard the MC33283 resides an internal charge pump that can supply the flash memory or a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card. Yet, the device offers excellent overall noise characteristics of only 40=B5V RMS @ nominal output current levels from 10kHz to 100kHz making it an ideal circuit for designs where noise is a critical consideration.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a Power On Reset feature as well as an Undervoltage Lock Out protection feature that increases the reliability and ruggedness of the final design. Additionally, it supplies voltage to the Baseband processor and other logic, analog and RF devices which make up the final system.

The MC33283 is housed in a miniature TQFP-32 pin package that simplifies PCB layout. Samples and production quantities are now available with pricing of $1.60 in 10K quantities.

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