onsemi Shortlisted for Five Prestigious Elektra Awards

by  onsemi  - 11-23-2021 
Electronics Weekly Elektra Awards Shortlist

Electronics Weekly’s Elektra Awards are among the longest-established and most prestigious, leading to stiff competition in a wide variety of awards across the entire electronics industry. Following extensive deliberation, debate, and discussion by the judges, the awards will culminate in a presentation night in London, where onsemi has been shortlisted for a total of five awards.


IoT Product of the Year Award: RSL10 Smart Shot Camera 

RSL10 Smart Shot Camera - Elektra Awards IoT Product of the Year

Shortlisted for the Internet of Things (IoT) Product of the Year award, the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera platform combines cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) with ultra-low power triggered image capture, enabling a host of IoT imaging applications, including surveillance cameras, factory automation, smart agriculture and many more.

The platform was recently upgraded to support color imaging and incorporates several innovations, including the RSL10 SIP, which provides ultra-low-power Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, and the ARX3A0 360 fps CMOS image sensor. When partnered with advanced motion and environment sensors, these technologies provide a complete solution that can autonomously capture images and identify objects within them.

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Semiconductor Product of the Year (Analogue): 1200 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) 2-Pack MOSFET Module and NCP1680 PFC Driver

1200 V Silicon Carbide 2-Pack MOSFET Module and NCP1680 PFC Driver, Analog Semiconductor Product of the Year Elektra Awards

Two products from onsemi have been shortlisted for the Semiconductor Product of the Year (Analogue) category. The first is the 1200 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) 2-Pack MOSFET module designed using planar technology, optimized for drive voltages between 18 and 20 volts, and developed for the challenging needs of the electric vehicle (EV) charging market. Their large die area delivers a thermal resistance that offers a performance advantage over the leading incumbent technology, trench MOSFETs. 

The SiC MOSFET design integrates an NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and delivers improved efficiency, greater power density, improved EMI, and a lower system size/weight.

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NCP1680 Totem Pole Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller

Continuing the power theme, shortlisted for the Semiconductor Product of the Year (Analogue) category is an innovative Totem Pole Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller IC – the NCP1680. While a classical boost PFC stage is typically around 97% efficient, replacing the diodes with low on-state resistance wide bandgap (WBG) active switches and rearranging the position of the boost inductor and switch can significantly improve efficiency. When used in this way, the configuration is commonly referred to as a bridgeless Totem Pole PFC (TPPFC). However, the TPPFC requires accurately timed control signals that typically require a microcontroller, requiring embedded software. Hence, moving to this approach introduces considerable additional design complexity and cost. 

The NCP1680 is the industry’s first analog mixed-signal controller dedicated to bridgeless TPPFC, and it integrates the control algorithms needed to drive WBG switches, making TPPFC design much simpler. A 300 W power supply based on the NCP1680 could deliver close to 99% efficiency at high line and full load conditions.

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Automotive Electronics Product of the Year: RDM 1x12 SiPM Array

In the Automotive Electronics Award category, onsemi has received another shortlisting for their high-performance silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology. SiPMs can detect single photons of light, delivering the highest signal-to-noise performance in high contrast conditions, an essential requirement for long-distance ranging such as automotive LiDAR. The SiPMs are produced using a high-volume CMOS process allowing for the lowest detector cost andenabling the proliferation of cost-sensitive broad-market LiDAR applications. 

onsemi developed the market-leading RDM SiPM process to achieve excellent levels of sensitivity to near-infrared (NIR) light. It achieves a market-leading photon detection efficiency (PDE) of 18.5% at 905 nm wavelengths ensuring operation over long distances in challenging conditions, even with low reflectivity targets. The ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN is the first to carry the all-important AEC-Q102 approval and developed according to IATF 16949.

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Power System Product of the Year – NCL31000 LED Driver

NCL31000 LED Driver, Power System Product of the Year Elektra Awards

The fifth and final shortlisting was in the Power System Product of the Year category. The panel selected the NCL31000 – a new advanced light engine that allows manufacturers to develop LED luminaires with light-based positioning technology and visible light communication. This technology will revolutionize lighting in various spaces, including supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, and airports, by adding data intelligence and accurate positioning.

The ability to dim to true dark with an accuracy of 0.1% (1mA) is a crucial feature that ensures no ghost light at the lowest dim settings, thereby enabling light-based positioning technology and visible light communication (VLC). These systems are safe in many locations where RF-based solutions cannot be used due to the potential for a spark or where RF-sensitive equipment is used (hospitals or aircraft). Furthermore, VLC systems can be highly secure as no RF energy can be intercepted by those outside the building – a very useful feature in the modern world.

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