Julie Tyler Blog Library

How the next generation of digital cameras are enhancing image quality and power efficiency 
by Julie Tyler - 02-18-2021
USB-C™Suite of Solutions for AC-DC and DC-DC 
by Julie Tyler - 05-05-2020
Taking USB-C™ PD Charging to the Next Level by Increasing Integration and Efficiency 
by Julie Tyler - 03-02-2020
USB-C Audio: The New Universal Listening Experience 
by Julie Tyler - 10-28-2019
USB-C PD Fast Role Swap - The Consumer Experience Uninterrupted 
by Julie Tyler - 12-06-2018
USB-C and Automotive Electronics – Where Power Meets the Road 
by Julie Tyler - 11-14-2018
Ensuring Analog Audio Output with USB-C 
by Julie Tyler - 09-27-2018
Evolving USB-C and PD Standards - A Double Edged Sword for Design Engineers 
by Julie Tyler - 05-29-2018
New Turnkey Solution for USB-C  
by Julie Tyler - 04-05-2018
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