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Learn Fast, Learn Now: The ON Semiconductor Community Forums for Wireless Connectivity

by  Mike Picheca  - 12-07-2020 

What is the first thing you do when you want to learn something new? Likely, it is finding reliable resources with useful information on the topic of interest. But, where do you start? Books, online videos, manuals, quick start guides, webinars and courses are among the options. The choices can seem endless and once you settle on one that seems right, you have to invest time into going through the material building on the different concepts. In the end, how often do you forget much of what you tried so hard to learn? The crux of the situation is time and we never have enough of it!

A very different approach is to dive right in and try things out. It is certainly less structured but the experience is a great teacher showing you quickly what works and what doesn’t. Jumping into the deep end can seem overwhelming, so you may find yourself dipping your toes into the pool first by leafing through a book or two or asking someone else to give some tips and tricks before you getting started on a project.

Everyone has different styles of learning, and even the way the information is presented can influence your ability to grasp key concepts. Some people are visual learners who like diagrams, images and animation, while others are very analytic and prefer data, tables, and formulas.

What is common in any approach is that everyone wants to learn quickly and have access to information at their fingertips. An online development community often called a forum, is a great tool to enable this. For many of us, they are familiar tools covering any topic of interest from automotive repair to financial investing. For those designing electronics, a development community is a lifeline to a wealth of information on-demand as the topics of interest range from PCB layout, embedded software integration, device certification, mobile app development and component selection to name a few. When designing connected products, the combinations multiply as the solution is larger than just the device being developed. Access to information quickly is critical to keep timelines short as design challenges surface.

The ON Semiconductor Community Forums

The ON Semiconductor Community Forums is an online development community supporting wireless connectivity solutions.  To get started, simply log in using a MyON account. The community is set up to let members quickly find information using categorization views and content searching.

The categorizations allow filtering among different connectivity solutions, as well as a section for site feedback. Searching quickly lists topics based on your criteria and matches results using post titles, post text, replies, community user names and product page lookups.


Community members can start learning immediately from knowledge base articles and FAQs, with new content, added regularly to describe common use-cases and best practices to reduce development time. Best of all, if you have a question that is not already addressed, you can start a new topic or reply to an existing one, and collaborate with ON Semiconductor subject matter experts or other community members looking to help.

Getting Started with the ON Semiconductor Community Forums

The Community Forums uses an intuitive interface with various content enrichment tools including Markdown, BBCode, HTML, OneBox link curation, Graphvis and LaTex to enhance the look and feel of your contributions. The site also lets members submit complete design solutions and embedded projects as attachments within posts so we welcome you to share what you have built using ON Semiconductor technology.

Get started with the ON Semiconductor Community Forums today, or learn more about our wireless solutions below.


Featured Wireless Solutions

Bluetooth® Low Energy

- RSL10, Radio SoC, Bluetooth 5 Certified



RSL10 Mesh Platform


Proprietary RF

- AX5043


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