RF Antenna Tuning Solutions

ON Semiconductor’s comprehensive RF Antenna Tuning Solutions offer proven technology to enhance antenna performance and extend the battery life of smartphones. Ranging from open-loop matching to advanced closed-loop systems that recognize and adapt to different operating conditions, our solutions are ideally suited for LTE-A networks with advanced features to support (e.g., Carrier Aggregation (CA), MIMO, and ASDiv functionality).

Benefits of Antenna Tuning

Benefits of Antenna Tuning

Solution Value

Flexibility to Meet Market Requirements

  • Metal Bezels, Backing, or All-Metal
  • ASDiv, Carrier Aggregation (CA), LTE-A
  • Covers LTE Bands from 698-2690 MHz

Broad Tuning Portfolio & Roadmap

  • Solutions for Aperture Tuning & Impedance Matching
  • B42/B43 and up to 6 GHz

Customized Application Support and Design Services

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Software Support

Advanced Tunable Elements

  • Ultra-Low Insertion Loss
  • High RF Power Handling
  • Miniature WLCSP Packaging
  • Continuous Tuning Range

Solution Options to Fit Your Design