Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable Medical Device

ON Semiconductor focuses on services and products specifically designed for low power, reliable implantable applications.

We understand the complexity of these devices as well as how many lives are dependent on them. This is why we tailor products and processes specifically to meet their needs.

ON Semiconductor maintains full control of the manufacturing process and ensures that the process technology will be available for the full lifetime of your product. This control is guaranteed through our entire organization and supply chain by a Standard Operating Procedure specific to medical devices.

In addition to ASIC design and foundry services, we offer a variety of qualified components, including:

Medical Discretes

ON Semiconductor offers a broad portfolio of medically-qualified discrete components for use in medical applications, including: zener and Schottkey diodes, MOSFETS, IGBTs, and power regulators.

Custom Medical Discretes

Customized Support
For medical applications, customized support for value-added services is available to address the specific needs of medical customers:

  • Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT)
  • Visual Inspection
  • Bare Die Flows
  • Labeling & Certificate Compliance
  • 15-year Record Retention
  • Lot Traceability
  • Extended Process Longevity
  • Au Wire Bonding
  • Custom Part Numbering
  • AEC101 Compliance
  • Certified Trained Personnel
  • Tightened PCN Management
  • Continuity of Supply Commitments
  • Customer-Specific Requirements

High-Reliability Process Flows
Process flows patterned on MIL-Standard protocols are available:

  • MIL-STF-750 Test Method Certified
  • JAN/JANHC quality levels supported
  • Manufacturing done in DLA-approved line (where required)

Ultra-Low-Power SRAM Memory

SRAM Implantable

SRAM memory from ON Semiconductor consumes the least power, and is specifically designed and qualified for implantable medical applications. In patients with pacemakers, these SRAMs remember the last day’s ECG signals, which facilitates much more accurate clinical diagnoses when needed and provides the best possible patient outcomes.

  • Up to 8 Mb densities
  • Optimized for ultra-low-power operation
    • Low voltage operation down to 1 V
    • Typical leakage of ~100 nA for 8 Mb SRAM
  • Mature, reliable technology
    • In production for 10+ years
    • Quality-driven design and manufacturing

Transient Surge Suppressors

Multi-channel transient surge suppressors (TSS) from ON Semiconductor guard life-critical implantable devices against potentially devastating electrical fluxes resulting from external defibrillation or other emergency treatment.

Offering reliable defense against electrical surge currents as high as 12 A, these devices protect the patient and prevent unnecessary replacement of implanted devices.


Key Features

Fast Turn-on 10 ns
Very Low Leakage 100 nA (Typ.)
High Current Capacity 12 A (Typ.)
On-State Resistance <1 Ω

Designed to meet the needs of any implanted device, the transient surge suppressors are available as standard parts, or customized for unique physical requirements and electrical characteristics:

  • Customizable physical footprints
  • Specific to the number of terminals/leads needed
  • Physical layout can be linear terminals or matrix terminals
  • Can be wire-bonded or bumped for reflow