Medical Applications

Improving Lives through Medical Innovation

The medical industry is changing. Traditional methods of diagnoses and resultant therapies are becoming less invasive and more effective. Intelligent, connected portable devices are keeping patients out of hospitals and monitored in the comfort of their own homes.

Semiconductor technology plays a significant role in these innovations.

With a diverse portfolio of products and services, talented engineering staff with system expertise, a deep understanding of the quality, reliability and longevity requirements of the medical market, and global manufacturing and logistics capability, ON Semiconductor enables medical device manufacturers to solve their unique design challenges with solutions that improve lives.

Technical Documentation & Design Resources

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Life-Critical Medical Applications

  • 30+ years of custom silicon experience with implantable medical device applications
  • Lot acceptance testing on each individual lot
  • Process and product longevity and data retention to support extended medical device product lifecycles
  • Turnkey solutions for medical device applications where size, performance, and system integration are critical
  • Product Miniaturization & Medical-Grade Modules
  • SRAM memory with the least power consumption

Portable Medical Devices

Medical Audio Devices

Medical Imaging

  • High performance, low power consumption image sensing technology for capsule endoscopy
  • Small image sensors with LVDS output for driving long cable length
  • Full-frame CCD image sensors with high sensitivity and high dynamic range for X-ray imaging applications
  • Interline transfer CCD image sensors for the highest imaging performance applications such as fluoroscopy
  • IT-EMCCD technology for sub-electron read noise combined with high intra-scene dynamic range

Clinical/Point-of-Care Applications

  • Rolling and global shutter image sensors for IVD/POCT and various diagnostic solutions
  • High resolution, small pixel image sensors for lens-less microscopy
  • High density, excellent pixel-to-pixel isolated image sensors for low cost DNA sequencing
  • World-class manufacturing facilities offering quality standards including FDA Class 3 compliance
  • Custom and semi-custom ASIC solutions


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