EMI Noise Sources

Due to the increased use of the radio spectrum and proliferation in antennas, conventional antennas will be replaced by smart array antennas and wideband antennas which are more susceptible to EMI. More complex electronic products use flexible PCBs which further increase the likelihood of EMI. A flexible PCB connects the main system board to the LCD PCB. When signals are transmitted through the flexible PCB at high frequency, the signal lines on the flexible PCB behave as antennas and radiate EMI to the environment internal to the phone. High performance EMI filters, combined with a high level of ESD protection, are required to eliminate the conducted and radiated frequencies and preserve the best signal integrity possible on high−speed data lines.

EMI / RFI / Noise Problems - Graph

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Noise Sources

Faster CPU Signals Cause EMI - Graph


EMI Filters Attenuate RF EMI - Graph


For more information please refer to ON Semiconductor Application Note, Consideration of Self-Pollution Reduction for Electronic Systems

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