Circuit Protection for HBLED String

The preferred method of driving LEDs is to have them in strings of LEDs in series, so that currents in the strings are matched for equal brightness.

Thunderbolt Connector top layer view

Key Requirement

Key Specifications - NUD4700 LED Shunt

Parameter Symbol Typ Value Package
Off-state leakage (VAnode = 5 V) ILEAK 100 µA Powermite-2
Breakover Voltage (IBR = 1 mA) VBR 7.5 V
Holding Current (VAnode = 10 V, Iinitial = 100 mA) IH 6.0 mA
Latching Current (VAnode = 10 V) IL 35 mA
On-State Voltage (IT = 350 mA) VT 1.0 V
On-State Voltage (IT = 750 mA) VT 1.0 V
On-State Voltage (IT = 1000 mA) VT 1.0 V




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