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Take-back and Recycle Policy

ON Semiconductor Take-back and Recycle Program provides ON Semiconductor customers with an environmentally responsible solution for the return, recycling and disposal of its products, including its evaluation printed circuit boards. This program is designed to ensure compliance with the current and forthcoming regional regulations involving producer responsibility for recycling and proper disposal of electronic waste products.

To return ON Semiconductor products and evaluation printed circuit boards for recycling and disposal, please include the following information and ship the items to return to the shipping address noted.

NOTE: Please be aware this is not a tool to return our products for trade-ins or warranty or other product/ performance related issues.

1. Information needed when sending back parts:

2. The parts may be returned to:

ON Semiconductor
Reclamation Center
5005 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona 850082

Contact: Al Falk
Phone: 602.244.7370

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