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SBAT54ALT1G ESD rating? 104
MMBT3906LT1G ESD rating. 64
MMBT3904TT1G ESD rating. 40
MMBT3904LT1G ESD rating ? 64
BAS21HT1G We used 370A to see the device's I-V curve. When the reverse voltage reaches above 300V, we see the breakdown point. However, the curve quickly(less than seconds) drops and becomes a "soft" curve. Other BAS21 all have the same result. Why is that? Is it relevant to the die process? If so, why is the process so special? 412
NCP1294EDBR2G Do you have any application notes for MPPT charge controllers? 360
AMIS39101PNPB4G Some test equipment on the field uses the AMIS-39101 to control pneumatic and other solenoids. We realized that AMIS-39101 or 39100 are not in production anymore. Is there a replacement chip for this that can be used with minimum impact to existent design? 342
NCP1631DR2G Is the NCP1631 suitable for a 1000W PFC application? Can you provide a reference design? 314
MC33035DWG The MC33035 and MC33039 are used to build a 3 phase BLDC motor controller. Pin 5 of the MC33039 was connected to a microcontroller, and PWM from the microcontroller was sent to pin 13 of MC33035 to control the speed of the motor. Is this a correct approach? Should EA (pins 11 and 12) be connected to anything? Regards, Patrick 268
NCP1034DR2G Can you recommend an IC for the following application: input DC60V, output 24V-54VDC/ 200W, synchronous buck controller, indepedent feedback circuit and amplifier for CC/CV control. 243
LV8729V-TLM-H What should be done to isolate the power circuit and the control signal one? According to the datasheet, those two parts use the same ground. What is the best approach to solve this? 128
STK534U342C-E Can you suggest an IPM for a 0.75KW(1HP), 3-phase Induction motor, having rated current of 2A? 292
NCL30051DR2G Can you suggest a suitable IC for a 120W LED street light driver? It need to have PWM dimming capability. 148
NCP1294EDR2G We chose the NCP1294 to design a 10-72V input to 12V/1A output DC-DC converter. Is this device a suitable selection? 303
CS3361YD14G Is it possible to use the CS3361 for 230VAC applications? 171
NCL30081ASNT1G What is the minimal dimming that can be achieved with the NCL30081? 146
NCP1080DEG Is there a product that can provide a specific amount of voltage to run a 12V computer style brushless fan off of a 48V source? Any product suggestions would be most welcome. Only about 8 V and 350mA are required, no other control options are needed. Thanks! Steve 241
LV8728MR-AH Can you suggest a design for a 1/64 micro-step 2 A and 1/128 micro-step 6A motor driver? 229
GENERAL Can you suggest either a servo (PWM) driver or a stepper motor driver that has position feedback capabilities? This is for a robotics application. 156
NCP1602AAESNT1G Can you please tell me if the output voltage on the NCP1602 is adjustable down to 155v ? I will still need to have a "universal AC input from 90 to 265VAC ? Can it be done by adjusting the capacitor on Vctrl ? 260
TVS4201MR6T1G Can you please recommend a TVS (or similar) with low capacitance (<3.4nF) to protect a composite video input from voltages above 3.6V (lightning induced) in an avionics application? 49
A5191HRTLG-XTD Can I simulate chip hart A5191? Which software can be used? 220
MC7812BDTRKG Can you tell me what the tab on the MC7812BDTRKG linear regulator is made from? 48
MM5Z2V7T1G Do you have any automotive grade replacements for JANTXV1N5308, DIO,IREG,25V,2.7MA,0.5W,??? SMT is preferred over through hole 38
NCP1631DR2G Do you have a pspice model for the NCP1631? 1078
NCP4303BDR2G Since the NCP4303 is only specified for -40°C operation the idea was to block VCC voltage until -40°C is reached. During this time only the body diode of the MOSFETs are conducting. Do you see any concerns about this? 542
NSR05F40NXT5G Could you please provide the reverse recovery time value of NSR05F40NX? 532
CAV24C128YE-GT3 Where can I get an OrCAD symbol and spice model for the CAV24C128YE-GT3? 791
NCV7608DWG A few questions regarding the NCV7608 1. My operating voltage is 28-32V. Will this be a problem? 2. Can two outputs be paralleled (source to source and drain to drain) without adding series diodes? 771
NCP1034DR2G Do you have a PSpice model for the NCP1034? 938
MC34063ADG Do you have any design information regarding a boost converter using the MC34063 for 5V to 100V conversion? 713
NCP1294EDR2G Can you suggest an IC for an isolated power supply with 24V DC input the following outputs: 1. (5V , 2A) 2. (5V , 500mA) 3. (+/- 5V , +/-200mA) 603
NCV898031D1R2G My design requirements are: Vin = (16 to 30)Vdc , Vout =24VDC, Iout = 5A. Can you suggest me a component and/or design example? 523
NCP1399AGDR2G Our design requirements are: 165-500Vac input and 24 V output at 10A.Could you please suggest a suitable controller and/or design example? 906
NCP4626DMX030TCG Can you help me identify a device marked 633 LE? 985
GENERAL Are you familiar with boost PFC + CC for LED driving? I'm wondering why this topology is virtually non-existent in practice. The only document that I can find on internet is your DN06065/D design note. Is large nubmer of leds to get over 400V of Vf the only reason why this topology ins't used at all? Efficiency should be the same or even better compared to single stage buck drivers(typical boost pfcs have 95%+ under optimal conditions). Thank you for you answer. 452
STK5Q4U352J-E Can you please advise how I can buy the STK5Q4U352JGEVB 3-phase Motor Drive Evaluation Board? 553
GENERAL Could I ask how to design the resistance and capacitance values for gate drive circuit of SCRs? 935
MJ11028G Do you have any darlington that comes close on these two specs? Vceo = 300 to 400V Ic = 125 to 150A 596
MC74HCT573ANG I'm looking for an octal latch with 3.3V inputs and 5V outputs. What is the most suitable component? 986
ADP3110A0001RZR What is the timeout delay specification for ADP3110A? 510
NCP1365AD085R2G Can I use NCP1365 flyback converter with below application? 1.Input 85V~600Vdc 2.Three isolated outputs: 5Vdc/12Vdc/15Vdc with 5% regulation? 3.total Output power, 2W~3W 959
1N5335BG What is the maximum power the 1N5335B can handle at 85degC? The diode is mounted to the PCB at a distance of 10mm. 815
MC34025DWG Can you recommend a controller for a 150-500W full-bridge + synchronous rectification LED driver? Would the UСС28083D or UCC28950 work? 1013
NCP1294EDBR2G I want to design an MPPT for a solar powered application. Can you please help select the correct DC-DC converter for this? The maximum current output from the solar cell is 6A. 537
LC709202FRD-01-VH Hi team, I am using Fuel Gauge Ic LC709202FRD-01 and I am having issues with cell temperature. It is always showing 25 degree Celsius. In the datasheet, it is mentioned that *Set HIGH When reading in the temperature, held low at other times of TSW pin". How can I set HIGH or LOW as there is no register information present regarding the TSW pin? Could you please help me register setting for this.? 737
NCP1081DER2G I would like build simple POE+ PD non-isolated system for 12V / 2A output and I'm looking for a reference design or evaluation board. Does ON Semiconductor provide these tools ? 743
NCP5623MUTBG Do you have any sample code for the NCP5623C? Thanks 794
NCP1399ABDR2G Hello, I am contacting you regarding a specific power supply design. I have quite strict and high requirements meaning that the power source must be adjustable from 0 to approximately 100V with output current about 6 Amps or more. I would like to know what is in the ON Semiconductor portfolio to make this power source possible. The value of the output current is usually for only a 10-20sec than the power source rests. Is there a possibility to make it as a switch mode power supply or only as a linear alternative? I have some idea how to make it linear with multiple winding transformer (reconnected by the MCU according to set up output voltage) and an output amplifier but this solution is quite big and expensive. Thank you very much for your reply. 735
NCP1308DR2G Hi, I want to ask, what dictates that output frequency of NCP1308? 723
NCP1654BP65G For a power supply with AC input range of 170V-275V rms, 50Hz, single phase & an output of 35V/3.5A, can we use NCP1654 in a single stage PFC flyback converter? We intend to use this as a PFC stage for stepping down the voltage and then connect a linear regulator as a DC-DC battery charger. 685
NCP1399BDR2G Do you have a reference design for a 13.8V / 10A battery charger? 765
CS51021EDR16 Can you please suggest a PWM controller for 10-24Vin and 1.5-4.2V out at 0.3-8A? 471
NCP1351DPG I have designed an SMPS using the NCP1351 and I have a problem. The IC is supplied from the bulk capacitor but the voltage on pin 6 is changing from 9V to 18V and it does not work. Can you please help? 801
NCP1034DR2G I'm planning to use the NCP1034 to build a DC/DC (60V -> 12V at 80A) converter. To do this I'm going to use 4 converters for 60V -> 12V @20A each. Can you provide a document in which there's explained how to use the NCP1034 in synch mode (1 master and 3 slaves), especially how to setup the compensation network? 568
NCP1605DR2G Can the NCP1605 be used for 400Hz ~ 800 Hz AC input? 941
NCP392ARFCCT1G I am using an NCP392A with an external OVLO threshold set to 15V (R1=280K/R2=24K9, no C1/C2 installed). The datasheet shows each of R1 and R2 paralleled by capacitors C1 and C2. Except that R1C1 and R2C2 time constants should be equal, nothing is said about them. What is the purpose of C1 and C2? Wouldn't they slow the response to an over voltage condition? I'd have thought that would be undesirable in most cases. How large/small should they be? And how closely do the time constants need to be matched? Is C1 and C2 optional or mandatory (when external R1 and R2 are used)? Are they needed for the chip to be stable? Also, I am trying to debug a problem in a new PCB where the NCP392A isn't turning on properly. Under no load, Vout = Vin up to the threshold (15V) at which point Vout drops to around 6.9V then rises further as Vin continues above 15V. If I add a small resistive load on Vout (10mA), Vout tracks approximately half Vin, up to the threshold (15V) when Vout drops back to 6.9V then rises as before. All very weird! The 3 INs, 3 OUTs, 3 GNDs are connected. /EN is tied to GND. OVLO as described above. VBUS_D is unconnected. My guess is that this is a soldering problem, but the behavior is quite strange. 568
NCL30001DR2G I'm looking for 90-305Vac, single stage, CV, PF>0.9, 45W power supply. Do you have any controller which can support this requirement? 692
NCP3232NMNTXG How do I calculate the inductor size for the NCP3232N? 997
LV52117QATXG I'm looking for a small DC-DC converter to drive the HDMI 5V requirements. I have a 3.3v and 5v source available and I must supply 4.8-5.3v with a min of 55mA. It must be short circuit protected and also backdrive protected. Any suggestions? 1032
NOIL2SC1300A-GDC I am interested in the LUPA 1300-2. Because of the nature of the project I need to know whether you have an evaluation kit that works with that sensor. I would like to vary parameters as frame rate, selection of ROIs, image format, etc. Also, I would like to have more information about what drives/powers or controls the sensor (e.g. FPGA development board, installation software included, etc. and if so provide part numbers please) . Finally, a picture of the sensor and its associated equipment would be good to know whether the sensor can be incorporated into another system. 774
NCP1654BD65R2G I would like to make a layout in EAGLE for the NCP1654. Is there any library that has the NCP1654? 902
NCP6925AFCT1G Does the NCP6925 have an integrated non-volatile memory? If not, can you suggest a device that does? 1113
NCP59748MN1ADJTBG The NCP59748 has two output pins but only one feedback input. I wonder if there were two divided op-amps in the IC package. I searched the datasheet but it seems that the simplified application circuit showed only one output pin in the datasheet file. 1202
GENERAL How can we assure authenticity if we buy parts from non-authorized distributors? 1077
GENERAL What does 'STATUS = LIFETIME' mean for the life cycle of a part? 1317
GENERAL I have been reading AN9093 and I think it is an excellent article for MOSFET switches. For a PMOS switch (Figure 7), we see in the document that R1,R2 and C1 is used, for: • R1 and R2 to set VGS. • C1 to tune inrush current Based on the content of the document, C1 “dominates over CGD”, so C1 overrides CGD and successfully controls inrush current for CLOAD. But for the gate driver Q1, the lack of corresponding additional “C1” means only very small parasitic capacitance CG2D2 exists. Does this suggest the plateau period should be extremely short, leading to ultrafast rise/fall time? Also, since R1+R2 limits current, so there should be no necessity to consider any “inrush current”, which justifies the lack of corresponding “C1” between source and drain. Does this make sense? So can we completely ignore the primary upper PMOS’s tuning circuit {R1,R2,C1}, for the gate driver Q1? Does Q1 affect rise/fall speed of the driver in any way? 1222
GENERAL I want to know how to perform stability analysis of flyback converters in your GreenPoint tool. Do you have an example file? 1223
NIS5132MN1TXG I want to put some type of zener clamp on the output of a 12V regulator for overvoltage protection. Seems most standard zener diodes individually do not have the current rating to trip the fuse (the 0.5 amp self-resetting fuse trips at 1 amp). I have also looked at TVS type diodes but they do not have a continuous current specification. Do you have any suggestions for my application? 1208
NCP1012AP133G I am looking for a simple but complete low cost isolated 100-260Vac input and 3V or 3.3V 250mA+ output design. 1313
1N5333BG I am using your 1N5333BG and I need to know Vz at 2A. 1537
NUP3115UPMUTAG Can you please suggest a device for USB2.0 protection and filtering? 1521
GENERAL This is related to solderability. What is the maximum length of time that components can be stored prior to being soldered? 1234
NCL30086ADR2G Can you please suggest an LED driver which can work with up to 305VAC? 1220
MC33063ADG What is the pull down resistor value when using the MC33063 in a buck topology with an external NPN transistor? 1298
MUR1620CTG I need a common cathode rectifier diode with Reverse Voltage >250v with If = 2 x 6 A minimum, and lowest Vforward possible < 1 v. I am looking for a common-cathode rectifier with Vr > 250V, If = 2 x 6A minimum, and lowest Vf possible. 1504
NCP1380ADR2G What is the maximum safe operating frequency of NCP1380? Unlike the NCP1381 it does not feature a maximum frequency clamp 1715
NCP7805TG The MC78xx datasheet specified the usage of Cin and Cout. What is their purpose and how do you determine their values? 1542
LB11685V-MPB-H How can we perform speed control using the LB11685? 2058
NCP1351APG Do you have a reference circuit for the NCP1351 and if so where can I get it? 1586
LM317D2TG What is the absolute maximum input voltage for your LM317 / NCV317 voltage regulators? 1764
GENERAL Do you have any ideal diodes which I could use as a replacement for the LTC4411? 1843
NCP1397ADR2G Can you please suggest a controller and topology for a 1kW application? Vin = 200-300V from a battery and Vout = 15V. 1838
MURA210T3G Does the anode pad or cathode pad of the MURA210T3G get hotter and thus require more heatsinking? 1627
GENERAL Can you recommend a smart MOSFET with built in overcurrent, short-circuit, and overtemperature protection? 1828
NCP338FCCT2G I am looking for a load switch with low leakage current. Input voltage is 3.3V and the maximum current will be ~ 0,2 - 0,5 A. 1877
NCP3170ADR2G Can you please describe the behavior of the PG output the NCP3170? 1880
NCV898031D1R2G Could you recommend a design for a switching power supply with Vin = 3.2 - 4.3V, Vout = 3 - 6V and Iout = 10A? Cost and efficiency are more important than tight regulation. 2188
GENERAL How can we connect 2 or more LEDs having different operating voltages (3.5V and 13.6V) for an input range of 6 - 36V? I will connect one LED at a time to a circuit but the circuit should support both of the LEDs. 1911
NCP3064DR2G Can I use the NCP3064 for a step-down topology requiring 3A? 2075
NCP5425DBG Can you please suggest a switching regulator that would meet my requirements? I will be powering the system off of 6 AA batteries (9V). I need to step down the voltage to two different rails. The first rail is 5V and the second rail is 6V. They both need to have an output current of 1A or more. 1901
GENERAL What is the difference between NTZD3155CT1G and NTZD3155CT2G?? 1918
MC34063ADR2G I am trying to use the MC34063A to create step-down conveter (9-36V to 5.0V) with Iout > 1.5A. I tried a few designs from datasheet had no success. Could you please send me some referrence designs that might help me? 2002
NCP1028P100G I am looking for an AC/DC regulator for 230V. The output voltage is 5V and output current is 40-350mA. My priorities are size, efficiency, and price. It can be non-isolated but in such a case I would prefer it being driven from the high-side for safety. Could You please advice me a solution? 2011
NTF3055L175T1G What is the thermal pad size requirement of the NTF3055L175? 1936
MC34163DWG I need to generate 3.3V from a LiFePO4 battery (2.7V - 3.6V) so I need a buck/boost regulator. Output current requirement is 1-2A. 2275
NCP4328BSNT1G Can you suggest a constant voltage / constant current secondary controller? My SMPS input range is 65-260Vac. 2035
NCP1608BDR2G Are the NCP1608 and NCL30000 direct equivalents? 2488
GENERAL When will it be required that wall plugs in power supplies in the United States meet Class 5 energy efficiency criteria? 1924
NCP1937ADR2G I am looking for a PFC-corrected SMPS to drive my audio amplifier (100 W). Can you please recommend me a suitable device? 2179
LM2594DADJG Can you please suggest an efficient step down solution for 20Vin to 3.3Vout at 50mA? 1993
NCP5603MNR2G Can you please suggest an LED driver capable of driving an Osram Golden Dragon+ LED from a single-cell Li-Po battery? 2462
NCP1654BD65R2G Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking for a PFC controller chip solution. Following are some key specification, Continuous Power 2.5KW, Peak Power 5.5KW, Topology Boost converter 400V, CCM. We are considering to comply with IEC61000-3-2. We are about to start a PFC design that needs to comply with IEC61000-3-2. Continuous power in the application is 2.5kW and peak power is 5.5kW. The PFC should work in CCM. Do you have any device recommendations for us? 2133
NCV47711PDAJR2G Do you have a 15V20Vin, 10Vout LDO (or reference) with 20-50mA Iout, with current limit? The current limit function is a must. 2530
LM2931ACDR2 I am looking for a library of the LM2931 to use in EAGLE and also for the footprint of both through hole and surface mount options. 2274
NCP1397ADR2G Can we short the HP pin to ground? 2312
GENERAL The test procedure in AND8307 describes the use of an attenuator at the oscilloscope to protect the scope's analog input channel. Can you provide a part number of an attenuator that you use for these tests? 2196
MBRS410LT3 What is the reverse current of MBRS410LT3 at 5V? 2330
NCV551SN36T1G I need a DC/DC converter from 24V/12V to 5V at 20mA. I know there are many options but no-load current is critical for me (less than 1mA). 2130
GENERAL What is the reverse recovery time of MBRD660CT? 2126
NCV5171EDR2G Can you please suggest a converter from 2.5-7V to 5V and 20mA? Price is a critical factor to us. 2085
MBR20H100CTG We plan to replace the 20100CT with the MBR20H100C. What is the pear repetitive surge current rating of the MBR20H100C? 2061
MURA215T3G I have a few questions regarding the MURA215T3G 1. What is the allowable repeative maximum forward current and how to get/caculate it?Is this specification important for diodes? 2. What is the relationship between IF(av) and IFSM and the allowable repeative maximum forward current? 3. Do you have any document that explains the various specifications of a diode? 4. Why is the If(av) always kept the same value even during low lead temperature cases? What is the limitation? 5. Is there SOA concept for a diode? 6. Sometimes, we can find the maximum RMS forward currend defined in the datasheet. How should I understand this spec and its relationship to other parameters? 2721
1N5333BRLG I have a questions about the 1N5333B. The datasheet states that at 200V (Vz), Izt is specified at 5mA. And Zzt at Izt is specified at 480 ohms. Why is this not consistant with Ohm's law: Ohms = V/I = 200V/5mA = 40,000 ohms. 2453
NCP1562ADR2G What is the function of Q2 in NCP1562A? 2200
NCP1653ADR2G We are planning to design an SMPS with the following requirements: 90-240VAC 48V/10A PFC>0.95 Efficiency>90% -40C-70C. We chose the NCP1654+NCP1397. Is there a better solution in terms of price and thermal performance? 2563
NCP1652DR2G Can you please suggest a PFC for 480VAC / 75W? 2375
NCP1034DR2G We use the NCP1034DR2G in one of our applications and are having an issue. Whenever the turn on the load, there is large inrush current which seems to latch the device. Can you please suggest how to solve this? 2498
SG3525ADWR2G We need a voltage-mode PWM controller with dual FET driver and a minimum switching frequency of about 25KHz. It should also have these features: 1. External frequency synchronization 2. Programmable dead time adjustability, softstart, and shutdown 3. programmable UVLO hysteresis 2498
TL431CP Can you please advise how to choose the compensation capacitor and resistor for the TL431? 2331
NGTB40N60IHLWG How can I find out the turn-on losses of the NGTB40N60IHLW? 2450
NCP1012AP133 We are using the NCP1012 evaluation board but with several modifications. The transformer, output capacitor and zener diode have been adjusted to deliver 30V at 3W. We are driving a large output capacitor (4700 uF) that is needed for energy storage. The modified demo board will charge it up but it takes about 10 seconds. Are there any tricks to getting that bulk capacitor charged up quicker? Also, is it possible that we are damaging the regulator by suddenly unplugging the power cable? By removing the cable and plugging it back in, we noticed way worse frequency response. Replacing the regulator fixes the problem. 3085
NCP1200P60G Can the NCP1200 be used in a 120W application> 2480
GENERAL I have a question about the CCFF technique. Why is there dead time when the current falls under a preset value? Is this only when the load is reduced? In FCCrM the dead time is eliminated by changing the duty cycle. How is this in CCFF? Why and when can we expect fluctuations in drain-source voltage? 2468
BC807-40LT1G We use your components like BAV99LT1G, BC807-40LT1G and BC817-40LT1G. We plan to solder this type of components using wave soldering. The temperature is 265-270degC. The board is double-sided mounted, to reduce the complexity of the PCB mounting and we’d like to solder THT and SMD components simultaneously. What is your opinion about such way of soldering? Are these components suitable for wave soldering? Is our temperature within limits? 2545
NCV8664ST50T3G Can we raise the NCV8664 5V output to 8V without damaging the device? 2448
NCP1294EDBR2G Even though the NCP1294 is a voltage-mode controller, I understand that it can also be configured as a current-mode controller. Is this really the case? If the answer is yes, does current-more require slope compensation? I am referring to DN06054 and AND8490. 2492
CS51412GD8G Can the CS51412 achieve 24V to 1.8V conversion? 2862
GENERAL Will a TVS diode work for overshoot and transient suppression of DC power lines? 2493
MC33167D2TG I'm using the MC33167 as DC/DC buck converter. I have noticed that when I'm feeding the MC33167 from a 24V battery it allows upto 6A of output current but when I supply it from a transformer-bridge-filter power supply (33V), it allows only upto 4.6A ofcurrent and then starts reducing the output voltage Any idea why this could be happening? 2361
NCP1532MUAATXG NCP1532 - Dual Step Down Converter I tried do calculate the output voltage tolerance of the NCP1532 but the datasheet does not specify any feedback threshold voltage tolerance. Why is that? 2459
CS8182YDF8G We use your CS8182 LDO, which has a note on page 7 warning the user that the ESR of the output capacitor is important to have some unspecified range for stability. We have an application using them where they have 15Vin and produce 5Vout, at about 20mA, with intent of a 10uF ceramic bypass and a 0.1uF ceramic bypass on that output. ON Semi makes a similar part with nearly identical datasheet, the NCV8184, that has identical wording on its page 7, but goes on to add a paragraph saying one should look into an App note on your website called "Compensation for Linear Regulators" doc # SR003AN/D but unfortunately I am not able to find this document. Furthermore, the NCV8184 gives the user stability plots on its page 3 (Figs 4-5). The problem is that these figures contradict each other. Can you please elaborate? 2662
NCV33163DWR2G We really like the MC34063 but we require 46-48VDC input. Is there a higher voltage version of this part? 2532
GENERAL Are any of your switching regulators/controllers rated for -55 degC operation? 2712
GENERAL Do you know of any techniques that mitigate sparking of electro-mechanical relays? 2916
NCP1294EDBR2G Do you have solutions for off-the-grid home supplies for 1-2 family homes powered by with renewable energy only? 2868
NCP1010AP065G The dynamic self supply feature of the NCP101x series interests me as it could go with a two coil flyback transformer. I am aware of your GreenPoint Simulation Tool but it seems to support only LED output loads. How can I use it to design a transformer for a constant voltage output? 2773
NCP3012DTBR2G I want to design a high efficiency DC/DC converter from 30V to 3-25V at 0-7A. Can you suggest a suitable device? 2764
GENERAL Do you have an IC suitable for DC/AC conversion? 3589
MC33035DWG We are using the MC33035 and are connecting a potentiometer between reference output and error amp non-inverting input. We would like to control speed using a microcontroller PWM signal. How can we implement this? 2670
AMIS30522C5222RG If Vbb of AMIS-305x2 is disconnected there will be no Vdd voltage. If the microcontroller controlling the motor driver is supplied by another power supply, it is possible that a voltage is applied to one of the motor driver IOs. Is this a problem? 2792
ADT7475ARQZ-REEL I'm trying to design a 3-fan control circuit with the ADT747. I want to control all three fans with only one PWM signal but measure the TACH inputs of all three fans. Figure 33. in the datasheet shows this application. Do I need to connect Vccp to Vcc? 2863
NCP1397ADR2G What are the offerings of ON Semiconductor that support resonant DC-DC convertor topologies? 2687
NCP1611BDR2G Can you tell me more about your patented CCFF technique used in some of your PFCs? 2618
NCP1851AFCCT1G Can you please suggest a Li-ion battery charger capable of operating from a 12V supply? 2898
NCV8851-1DBR2G What options do you offer for automotive DC-DC converters/controllers? Our typical application is 7-36Vin and 5Vout at 3Amps. We also have requirements for higher and lower output voltages and currents. 2689
GENERAL I am currently designing a water meter and am looking for a low-power micro-controller with an accuracy of +/- 3%. Can you direct me to suitable parts? 3135
NCP1250ASN100T1G I am designing a transformer for a power supply. The requirement is 12W output at 12V. Input can vary from 19VDC to 273VDC (i.e. lower end of 24V battery to peak rectified 264Vac). I am considering a flyback converter and possibly DCM. At 19Vdc, I understand that the power supply will be switching at maximum frequency (135KHz) and 50% duty cycle. My question is that due to the large input voltage range, if there is full load at 350Vdc (264ac x 1.414) input, the frequency will fall below the audible frequency and the peak current reduces to about 30% of the maximum peak. (1) If that is the case then does this controller maintain that 30% of the peak current (to keep mechanical resonance low) and increase the frequency to above audible range to deliver full power? (2) What happens at light load and 370Vdc input? (3) If I have to consider higher switching frequency then what is the maximum frequency I can consider with this IC? (4) Do you expect any problem using this IC for the above design? (5) Do you have more technical application notes for this IC? 2674
MC33063AD Can the MC34063 provide multiple output voltages (-24V, -56V, -5V) from an input voltage of 5V or do I have to use other chips like the uA78S40? 2875
MC34164D-3R2G We are designing a solar panel battery charger and need to have a signal that the battery is undercharged. It appears that the MC34164 will do this. 1) It appears that if pin 2 of an MC34164-5 is connected to the positive terminal of the battery, and pin 3 is connected to common ground, pin 1 will go to ground when the battery voltage drops to about 4.25V, and it will sink up to about 6mA. Is that correct? 2) Figure 15 shows a voltage monitor. Does the LED light up when the battery is low, or when the battery is high? I think low, but please advise. 3) Please explain how the Solar Powered Battery Charger of Fig. 16 operates. When the battery is low, I presume it turns off the transistor so the current from the solar panel goes to the battery. Is that correct? Also, it appears that the MC34164 prevents overcharging the battery. Is that correct? Do you adjust the overcharge value by changing the external resistor value? If so, approximately what value resistor should be used? 2703
GENERAL Can you offer a PCB schematic for a smart meter? 3095
CS5124XD8G Do you have a recommendation for a DC/DC regulator for 15-60Vin and 3.3Vout at 3W? 3231
GENERAL Could you suggest any solutions for isolated DC/DC converter to power an electromagnetic flowmeter sensor? 3007
LM2575D2T-12R4G I use an LM117 to implement an adjustable DC supply that outputs about 1-22V. Can you point me to a reference design for a switching regulator approach to this same kind of adjustable power supply? Load current is <1A. 2882