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AR0237CSSC12SPRA0-DR-ECR We want to use your evaluation kit AR0237CSSC00SUEAD3-GEVK with a Linux system. Will the camera be recognized from a Linux as a camera device using video4 Linux? 151
NCP59749MN2ADJTBG Do you have a voltage regulator that will support 5V input and regulate to 3.3V and 2-3A . It nust have the ability to limit inrush current. 383
NCV8450ASTT3G For NCV8450A, do you have EMC test including ESD? Also, could you advise on the following: The power supply is 16V, the output has a pull up resistor about 3.2Kohm. If we add a voltage about 7.6v to Vout, could it damage NCV8450A? 641
NCV7240DPR2G Can you provide the shear stress test results for NCV7240? This is required for AEC-Q100 qualification. 927
ESD11B5.0ST5G Can you please explain the difference between ESD11B5.0ST5G and SSESD11B5.0ST5G? 788
AMIS42770ICAW1G Can you clarify the functionality of the Vref pin on the AMIS42770 1334
NUP2105LT3G I have a question related to Rt and Ct found in fig. 12 of AND8253/D written by Jim Lepkowski. I need to provide surge suppression for a CAN transceiver in a system that will be subjected to power short-circuit tests. In these tests all external I/O are shorted to a 32V source for one minute. An unprotected NUP2105L would breakdown, conduct and burnout during this test. Fig. 12 of AND8253/D shows a way to avoid this problem. How do I calculate the values of Rt and Ct? Should Rt be a "pulse withstanding" type? How much power can I let the NUP2105L dissipate safely? What would be a good value for Ct? Is there anything special about Ct? 1872
GENERAL Can the P6SMB36CAT3G replace SZP6SMB36CAT3G in an automotive application? 1997
AMIS42700WCGA4H What is the difference between the AMIS42700 and AMIS42770? 2127
AMIS42700WCGA4H Can the AMIS-42700 filter CAN messages between the two buses on the chip between AMIS-42700 chips? 1952
CS3361YDR14G I am looking for a 3-phase rectifier / N-FET controller for an alternator application. 1932
GENERAL I am looking for a component which can provide enough protection against Pulse 5b described in ISO16750-2:2012, with the parameter td=400ms, Us=87V, Ri=0.5ohm. Do you have a recommendation? 2143
NCV7341D20G What is the maximum power dissipation of the NCV7341D20G? Also, does the current consumption of the transciever vary with the data rate? 2518
GENERAL Does ON Semiconductor offer automotive rated and certified products? 2772