With its inherent power efficiency and availability in smartphones, Bluetooth® low energy technology is the premiere short-range wireless protocol for IoT. It is ideally suited for applications requiring long or constant operation with only short bursts of wireless transmission.

Benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Provides standardized protocols for simple, reliable interoperability across devices
  • High-speed wireless transmission: 1 or 2 Mbps with Bluetooth 5
  • Optimized power consumption to minimize impact on battery life
  • Easy to implement as Bluetooth low energy hosts already available in smart phones


With Bluetooth 5 functionality and best-in-class power consumption, the RSL10 radio SoC brings the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth low energy technology to wireless applications.

Quick Facts About RSL10

  • Industry's lowest power consumption in Deep Sleep Mode (62.5 nW) and Rx in Receive Mode (7 mW)
  • Supports Bluetooth low energy technology and 2.4 GHz proprietary or custom protocols

Learn more about RSL10 here.

Inside RSL10

Bluetooth® Low Energy Development Tools

RSL10 Software Development Kit

The RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a wide range of Bluetooth protocols and sample code for easy development of many applications. Learn more about the RSL10 SDK here.

RSL10 Mesh Package

Supporting many-to-many device communications, the RSL10 Mesh package enables manufacturers to deploy large-scale, low-power Bluetooth mesh networks for applications such as asset tracking and building automation. Learn more about the RSL10 Mesh Package here.

Development Hardware
RSL10 Development Board (QFN-Based) RSL10-002GEVB
RSL10 SIP Development Board RSL10-SIP-001GEVB
Bluetooth IoT Development Kit BDK-GEVK (Baseboard)

BDK-DCDC-GEVB (Power Adaptor Board)
Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Reference Design BLE-SWITCH-001GEVB