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Product Overview

C5: 0.5 µm Process Technology

Product Description
Optimized for 5 V mixed-signal applications, the C5 process family from ON Semiconductor offers a medium-density, high-performance mixed-signal technology capable of integrating complex analog functions, digital content and 20 V capability. This process delivers the advantages of a dedicated mixed-signal 0.5 µm process without the costs associated with the extra mask steps of a BCD process. Low-voltage transistors are also available for the 0.5 µm process making it well-suited for low-power applications.


  • 2 or 3 metal layers
  • Poly to poly capacitors
  • Schottky diodes
  • High voltage I/O – 12/20 V
  • High-resistance poly
  • Low-voltage modules

Process Characteristics

Operating Voltage 5, 12 V
Substrate Material P-Type, Bulk or EPI
Drawn Transistor Length 0.6 µm
Gate Oxide Thickness 13.5 nm
Contact/Via Size 0.5 µm
Contacted Gate Pitch 3.9 µm
Top Metal Thickness 675 nm
Contacted Metal Pitch
   Metal 1 1.5 µm
   Metal 2, 3 1.6 µm
Metal Composition TiN/AlCu/TiN

Sample Process Options

  Mask Layers*
Standard CMOS with 20 V extended drain 13/15
Plus double poly cap 14/16
All of the above plus 1,000 Ω/square resistor 15/17
All of the above plus 12 V gate 16/18
All of the above plus low Vt devices 19/21
* 2 Metal/3 Metal.
Device Characteristics

(All Values Typical at 25°C)

High-Voltage Transistors

12 V Dual Gate Nested Drain
N-Ch 12 V (NU) Typical Value Unit
Vt 0.95 V
Idsat 450 µA/µm
P-Ch 12 V (PU)
Vt -1.6 V
Idsat -110 µA/µm
BVDSS -14.5 V

20 V Extended Drain, 15 V Gate

N-Ch 20 V (NX) Typical Value Unit
Vt 0.95 V
Idsat 400 µA/µm
P-Ch 20 V (PU)
Vt -1.65 V
Idsat -130 µA/µm

20 V Extended Drain, 5 V Gate
N-Ch 20 V (NT) Typical Value Unit
Vt 0.75 V
Idsat 145 µA/µm
P-Ch 20 V (PT)
Vt -1.0 V
Idsat -55 µA/µm

Standard Transistors

N-Channel Typical Value Unit
Vt 0.7 V
Idsat 450 µA/µm
Vt -0.9 V
Idsat -260 µA/µm


  Typical Value Unit
Poly 25 Ω/square
Hi-R Poly 1000 Ω/square
N-Diffusion 80 Ω/square
P-Diffusion 110 Ω/square
N-Well 855 Ω/square


Poly-Poly Typical Value Unit
Area 0.9 fF/µm²
Periphery 0.065 fF/µm

(All values typical at 3.3 V, 25°C)

Front-End Digital Design
Synthesis Libraries
Simulation Libraries
Analog - General Design Information (GDI)
Design Rules
Spice Models

Digital Design
High Performance Core
4.2 K gates/mm² *
1.58 µW/MHz/gate
103 ps gate delay (2 Input NAND, fanout = 2)
Tall Pads for high I/O count designs
86 µm in-line pad pitch
60 µm staggered pad pitch
558 µm pad height

Mixed-Signal Design
Cadence Technology File
Cadence Transistor Library
Mixed-Signal Core
Separate substrate bus for reduced digital noise
7.4 K gates/mm² *
0.63 µW/MHz/gate
558 µm pad height
128 ps gate delay (2 Input NAND, fanout = 2)
Mixed Signal Short Pads for high logic contact designs
135 µm in-line pad pitch
388 µm pad height
Mixed-Signal Medium Height Pads
86 µm in-line pad pitch
567 µm pad height
* Routed gate density.

Memory Options

Single Port Synchronous*
191 µm²/bit (64 k bit memory)
Dual Port Synchronous*
567 µm²/bit (64 k bit memory)

14.65 µm²/bit (64 k bit memory)
* Compiled

NASTEE (No Additional Steps EEPROM)
Vector (1x4 up to 1x32)
Array (2x4 up to 32x32)

CAD Tool Compatibility

Digital Design
Synopsys Design Compiler
Cadence Verilog

Analog Design
Cadence DFII (4.4.6)

Place and Route
Synopsys Apollo, Astro
Cadence Silicon Ensemble

Physical Verification
Mentor Calibre

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